Friday, May 25, 2007


I am in Birmingham, birthplace of Martin Richard Peter Eden (me).
The plan was to get a single ticket home, then my folks were gonna take me to Oxford on Sunday so I could meet my new nephew, Harry, and then get the coach back to Landon from there.
So guess how much a single ticket cost? £27.40!!! Blimey, that's gone up a bit since the 15 quid two or three years ago (this is from Marylebone. Euston to Brum is prob 100 quid or something now, considering it used to be 40). so anyway, i asked how much a return is - just 60p more - £28. Why are singles and returns so close to each other.
I said to the guy, 'would it have been cheaper if i'd have phoned in advance' (it usually is by Euston, but not normally through Marylebone's tinpot Chiltern Railways) and he said that an 'E-ticket' (booked online) would have been £5. Blimey. Bit of a difference. Benefit of hindsight, eh?

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