Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Silly reviewers

I noticed a really weird trend in a lot of the reviews for the new Tori and Bjork albums. A lot of the reviews contained the following elements: ‘their best work in 10 years/since their debut’, ‘forget all the last bunch of albums!’, ‘a return to form’, ‘excellently commercial!’.
I actually find those comments pretty stupid! A musician tends to release a real trademark album first up, a total classic, and then they start to experiment. Tori’s done all sorts of experimenting over the years, and a lot of Bjork’s albums sound totally different to each other. How can you say that you should disregard an album like, say, Vespertine, my favourite Bjork album, because it’s not commercial enough? Do you really want album after album of straight-forward formula?
I wonder if reviewers actually listen to the whole album? A cursory listen of Volta would suggest it is very similar to Debut, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Curse those reviewers!
Another weird trend is the amount of crappy second albums some bands are putting out - the Killers, Bloc Party (well, slightly crap) etc - oh dear!

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