Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Some comics

Well Free Comic Book Day came and went - and while the freebies tend to disappear quite quickly, this year I actually managed to snag two free comics (you’re only supposed to get one, but I used my considerable charm). One of these was the first issue of Astounding Wolfman. Wow. What a load of shit. There was nothing original about this comic and nothing made me want to carry on reading it. Well done Kirkman.
Other comics:
Wow can you believe 52 has finished? That’s a whole year. They really should have re-named the final issue ‘Fifty-poo’ because that is what it was. What a load of bollocks.
Omega Flight - You know, this hasn’t been too bad, apart from the fact that I don’t give a shit about the Wrecking Crew, who seem to be in the whole series, and they had the opportunity to make Sasquatch cool and they decided to just beat him up instead. And has no one noticed that Beta Ray Bill has been on both covers so far, but hasn’t actually appeared in the issue? And how will ‘USAgent’ work out in a Canadian superteam?
Ah well, Arachne looks cool. I do like Julia Carpenter, although her character never seems to evolve beyond ‘single mother with a daughter’.

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kelvingreen said...

Yeah, I wanted to like Wolf Man too, but it was a bit naff, wasn't it?

I'm liking Omega Flight more and more, but it's done with #5, and we've not even seen beta Ray Bill yet! Marvel's in such a mess right now.