Monday, February 25, 2008

So near and...Actually, nowhere near at all...

Still trundling along with O Men 2.6. Jesus it's taking ages!!! Still Photoshopping and lettering, still a lot to do - I've been on this since October!
I've actually started drawing 2.7 because I just couldn't wait.
In the meantime, I've decided not to get a stand at Bristol this year. I wanted to get 2.7 and the second collection reaady for it, and 2.7 deffo won't be done (only 9 or so weeks to do it in - impossible) and I don't want to stress myself out doing it.
So sigh, never mind, I still might go as a punter.

Death Note

I'm lucky enough to have a friend lending me the Death Note managa at the moment - and I'm halfway through. It's not my favourite manga that I've read, but it is very addictive (loaning chum Andrew says it is like crack - how do you know what crack is like, hm?!).
It is such a psychological book, lots of talking, and characters get killed off left, right and centre - and they don't come back, no matter how much you want them to!
Worth checking out.


Saw Volver at the weekend. An odd little film - not very dynamic, but somehow really touching. and Penelope Cruz was amazing - honestly, I've never liked her so much before.

Mini Eggs

Why are those cadbury mini eggs so expensive? a quid for a bag?
and why do i keep buying them...

Monday, February 11, 2008

In love with Lost

Who'da thunk it - I'm loving Lost again.
I loved the first season, pretty much hated the second season, almost gave up in the third season - and then halfway thru it picked up astonishingly. I really think - and hope - that the show is back on track now. Season four has been great so far - with episode one creating some huge mysteries (who are the 'Oceanic 6' in particular) and episode 2 introducing some fantastic new characters - although how long they'll stick around for is anyone's guess. Psychic guy MIles is fantastic and I really hope he sticks around for a while - he reminds me of Ana Lucia in his arrogance, but there's quite a funny side to him too. My money on Ben's 'mole' is the Brit girl - there are already too many pretty blond good characters.
So all in all, yay, please keep up the quality.

Friday, February 8, 2008


Fiiiinally saw Cloverfield last night after an agonising wait!
I have to say...I was a bit disappointed - but I guess it's inevitable after so much hype.
I just felt the first 20 mins or so were messy and it was hard to hear what everyone was saying. And there were some real dips in the action, which made the movie drag a bit.
But when the movie got going, it was amazing, and my jaw was on the floor. Great stuff - although the monster didn't seem all that new - it should have been a bigger version of the bugs - all teeth. I liked it that the movie could have stopped in various places, but carried on - great, I just wanted more monster madness.
Lots of imagination-stretches though - like would the military guys really let that guy film, would anyone really go into that toppling building to save someone. And the 9/11 references were a little overdone and cack-handed. Oh let's pay tribute to 9/11...with a BIG MONSTER MOVIE! nooooo. Too trite. Oh, and New York - giant monster - you can't really get away from Godzilla can you?
So all in all, way too hyped up, and Empire are so wrong with their 5 out of 5 score.
And I'm really annoyed I missed the splash at the end...
I heard there is going to be a sequel and I reckon it'll take place at the same time as the first movie but from different perspectives - JJ likes playing around with time, doesn't he, and doing clever things in that regard.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Aaaargh! I've lost Daredevil 208! It's the classic DD issue that is going to form the basis of O Men 2.7, kinda like a homage...
I brought it down from Birmingham especially, I've had it for around 15 years, I put it somewhere safe... and when I need it, I lose it ha ha
If anyone out there has a copy and could photocopy the pages or even send it to me - I'll look after it I promise - I'd be very grateful.
Meanwhile, 2.6 is still ticking along - I'm frustratingly close to finishing it, but there's still a way to go, grrrr.