Monday, February 25, 2008

So near and...Actually, nowhere near at all...

Still trundling along with O Men 2.6. Jesus it's taking ages!!! Still Photoshopping and lettering, still a lot to do - I've been on this since October!
I've actually started drawing 2.7 because I just couldn't wait.
In the meantime, I've decided not to get a stand at Bristol this year. I wanted to get 2.7 and the second collection reaady for it, and 2.7 deffo won't be done (only 9 or so weeks to do it in - impossible) and I don't want to stress myself out doing it.
So sigh, never mind, I still might go as a punter.


Rol Hirst said...

You tease.

Mart said...

*winks seductively*

Kazahn said...
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