Thursday, December 20, 2007

TV scandals

I'm so bored of these TV phone-in scandals. I mean, c'mon, is it really the end of the world? do we care if the entries to a Blue Peter competition are all so shit that they have to make up a winner? C'mon, this is the sort of thing we'd all do. Let's stop being so morally superior.
When I phone in to vote for something - who knows, maybe somehow my vote won't get thru - but so what? it's not gonna kill me.
And now we have an X-Factor hoo-hah. Apparently 2000 people (it's actually around 1700, but 2000 sounds much better in the papers) have complained their votes didn't get through. REally? Shall we check all these people? Cos maybe they are bitter Rhydian fans!
It seems like Deal or No Deal has lost its little compo too because of all this. I think viewers were pissed off that they weren't told how much they could win (it's revealed at the end of the episode, so they could tell us - but so what!).
Bored bored bored.

And while I'm at it, the papers have gotta stop making things like this sound so bad - and having a go at the Beeb for actually having a Christmas party. Although I must say - ban that effing licence already and just give me adverts. I barely even watch the bloody BBC.

Phew, that got that little lot off my chest.

And please ban Amy Winehouse in 2008.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some recent films

Recently I have seen:
Hitman - oh dear, very boring indeed. And why on earth the Hitman didn't get it on with that floozy girl is beyond me.
Golden Compass - oh dear. It was like, every 5 minutes someone would say 'we need to travel to Frarborta to meet up with Sloggengaaard'. Enough! Very silly. And I appreciate that Lyra is supposed to be feistier than your average heroine, but she's just an annoying brat in the movie, who seems to want to shove in the word 'ain't' whenver she remembers to. Nicole Kidman was very pretty though. It would be quite funny if they didn't make the sequels, in which case Daniel Craig's 10 minutes in the film will seem ridiculous!
Die Hard 4 - hugely stupid and silly, but very entertaining. Although they seemed to run out of steam at the end.

Christmas cards

Why do some people just not give Christmas cards? mostly men. a lot of my male friends say 'oh yeah, i'm crap' etc. I don't understand it! it's fun!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shocking revelation

Growing up in a sports-loving family, there was more likely to be football on the TV rather than movies. So there are a lot of classic films I have never seen. Some of my friends go into a state of shock/start squealing when I tell them what they are...
Some of the movies include:
Back to the Future
Dirty Dancing
And there are probably more, but those are the ones that spring to mind. Shocking, eh?!
I try to watch Back to the Future - but it's always part 2 or part 3 on TV. I think i started to watch the first one ages ago, but got put off by the strange make-up (where one of the young actors had obviously been made up to look like an old man).

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pretty Long Year 2

Oops I spoke to soon. Just two nights before the end of her huge, huge tour, my Tori had a bit of a wobbly and threw two girls out of her concert for messing around too much. "Get the fuck out of my show, it's a privilege to sit in your front row seats!" Oooops!!!
Will I have a wobbly before Christmas too...?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New pic

Here's a new pic I did at work today, on a good old post-it (I think I do my best drawings on post-its lol).
It's a new O Men character, set to appear in the final arc of volume two (although really, she's been with me since I was drawing The Wonder Men, back when I was 12 or so).
I think she used to be called Time Mistress, but this will change for the O Men, as that's a bit crap isn't it.

Pretty long year

Well I've gotta admit - 6 more days of work left of 2007 and I cannot wait for a break. This year has been a bit hard-going and I need to hibernate to get over it, I think!
One person who has inspired me is good ol' Tori - she has been touring since June - a huge world tour - jeez, she must have done over 100 concerts? How the hell do you do that? How the hell do you psych yourself up for something like that? However much you must enjoy it, it must be so exhausting! I mean, if you're interested, have a look at the full list of concerts here:
And she's 43! I think she's got two, maybe three dates left - she must be so glad it's almost over! Like me, lol. Not that I'm doing a world tour or anything.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh, and...

oh, and I thought I'd treat myself to an X-Men trade, 'End of Greys' (ouch), the story where Rachel's entire family gets wiped out. I've read bits and pieces of it before. I really enjoyed it - however messy it was in places. Ah, good old comics. Makes me want to get off my arse and do a bit of O Men!

Some comics

I don't buy many comics these days. Well, actually, that's bollocks - i only buy Walking Dead, Powers, Astonishing X-Men and Luna Bros stuff regularly, but now and then I do splurge. Bought some really cool comics on a trip to Brum this weekend...
Initiative Annual - not a bad read, if a little pointless. Amory is too good a character to be left on the shelf.
Sword 3 - still a promising series, although I wonder when I'll start to lose track of what's going on and just buy it out of habit like I did with Girls. The art is so crisp!
World War Hulk 5 - well I'm not as impressed with this as a lot of my chums were, but as a no holds barred action comic, it's fairly breath-taking. Interesting hint about the son of Hulk being introduced next year.
Ultimates 3.1 - now I swore I wouldn't buy this, because of the creative team. Jeph Loeb hasn't impressed me since the awesome Long Halloween and Joe Madeuira - well, let's just say he's responsible for me giving up reading the X-titles all those years ago. But there was one reason i had to buy this title ...Valkyrie!!!!
All in all, not a bad little read. Loeb's script is a bit meander-y in places (not quite sure what exactly was happening on the first 3 pages, is Black Widow still alive?, when did it take place??, who's there??), occassionally unimpressive (Venom v Black Panther for a couple of pages zzzz), slighly confusing (where'd Black Panther come from), and so different to Mark Millar's stuff (okay let's lose all trace of subtlety about the Wanda/Pietro relationship).
Meanwhile, Joe Mad's art is ...better than it used to be... but woah, turn on the lights a bit, it's way too dark and murky, and too brown!
Generally though, it's a strong first issue, plenty goin' on, some little shocks, and I love where they've taken Hawkeye.