Thursday, December 20, 2007

TV scandals

I'm so bored of these TV phone-in scandals. I mean, c'mon, is it really the end of the world? do we care if the entries to a Blue Peter competition are all so shit that they have to make up a winner? C'mon, this is the sort of thing we'd all do. Let's stop being so morally superior.
When I phone in to vote for something - who knows, maybe somehow my vote won't get thru - but so what? it's not gonna kill me.
And now we have an X-Factor hoo-hah. Apparently 2000 people (it's actually around 1700, but 2000 sounds much better in the papers) have complained their votes didn't get through. REally? Shall we check all these people? Cos maybe they are bitter Rhydian fans!
It seems like Deal or No Deal has lost its little compo too because of all this. I think viewers were pissed off that they weren't told how much they could win (it's revealed at the end of the episode, so they could tell us - but so what!).
Bored bored bored.

And while I'm at it, the papers have gotta stop making things like this sound so bad - and having a go at the Beeb for actually having a Christmas party. Although I must say - ban that effing licence already and just give me adverts. I barely even watch the bloody BBC.

Phew, that got that little lot off my chest.

And please ban Amy Winehouse in 2008.


JamieB said...

But it's the principle of the thing, Mart! :) I've never entered one of these competitions myself, but I can quite understand people getting hacked off at some of the things that have been going on -- choosing winners way before the lines close is taking the piss and shouldn't be condoned. That said: the X-Factor business does just sound like sour grapes.

Mart said...

it's just annoying cos it's a bandwagon thing. one thing happened and now they're just looking for the next one. c'mon, are itv really that stupid that they'd let it happen again? does it really reflect that badly on ant and dec?
it's all just to fill space in the silly free London papers.

kelvingreen said...

I agree completely about Winehouse. What a talentless waste of space. Why do people like her so much anyway?

Alas, I disagree completely about the licence fee. I'm more than happy to pay it, as in general, the BBC's service is worth it. I'd even be happy to pay more, as the strain is starting to show in what the Beeb can and can't afford on the current rate. But I think that just might be me. I don't know. Spend a few years living in America, and you'll be a licence fee convert in no time!