Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some recent films

Recently I have seen:
Hitman - oh dear, very boring indeed. And why on earth the Hitman didn't get it on with that floozy girl is beyond me.
Golden Compass - oh dear. It was like, every 5 minutes someone would say 'we need to travel to Frarborta to meet up with Sloggengaaard'. Enough! Very silly. And I appreciate that Lyra is supposed to be feistier than your average heroine, but she's just an annoying brat in the movie, who seems to want to shove in the word 'ain't' whenver she remembers to. Nicole Kidman was very pretty though. It would be quite funny if they didn't make the sequels, in which case Daniel Craig's 10 minutes in the film will seem ridiculous!
Die Hard 4 - hugely stupid and silly, but very entertaining. Although they seemed to run out of steam at the end.

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Tara said...

saw Die Hard 4 on Christmas Eve and we were all really enjoying it until the jet engine sequence. It was REEEEEEDICKULUS. Spoiled what would have been the best of the sequels.