Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Comic, Bad Comic

Bad comic(s)
Urgh. Since X-Men became X-Men Legacy, it has been such a dull, pointless read. And now it’s all just got worse. The latest issue, 238, the X-mighty have fallen. Boring, nameless characters inexplicably flying to India to meet the Sentinelszzzz. I don’t know who half the characters are (Loa and Indra seem to have the same tattoos – coincidence or bad planning?), and it’s all just a heap of pointless shit. And why are they even on a plane, when they’ve got the Blackbird/jetpacks/teleporters!!!??? And how did Magneto get through customs...?
The X-Men has become one big ol’ uncanny X-Mess. The comic I grew up with is now just written by people who really don’t seem to know the characters whatsoever. I look at Storm and Colossus and they’re just not the same characters I once fell in love with. And why are they all on one island together after what happened on Genosha?What is the point of Namor being an X-Man when he never does anything?
And how bad is the new ‘X-Men’ title? Seems like it’s purely there to cash in on the current vampire trend. What happens after the vampire story finishes?
And why is there gonna be a new team of mutants (‘Hope’s Generation’) when we have enough boring mutants as it is? And who cares about Hope? And is she Jean Grey or what??

Good comic!

I was in FP at the weekend, and my eye was attracted to a new manga book – Bakuman, by the creators of Death Note. What a lovely cover, and what a great little read. It’s almost as if they wrote it just for me! There are no super-heroics, no fantasy, no fighting – just a beautifully crafted story about two schoolkids wanting to become manga writers (but nowhere near as dull as ‘My Drifting Life’ yawwwn). Can’t wait to read more!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crazy Jane

Look at this...
Cover to Doom Patrol 13...
This was SO crazy jane... but now it's Rita Farr. I reckon something happened... some rights thing...
I was looking forward to CJ's return to DP, but she has barely done anything! :(

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Songs that changed your world

This one just came up on my ipod shuffle...
Almost knocked my head off my neck... Haven't listened to it for ages. It's just one of those powerful songs in my life, everyone's got them.
I remember when I was younger and I used to love watching the Chart Show on Channel 4 - all those cool videos! I was the typical Smash Hits reader - and loved pop back in those days. But slowly their 'Indie chart' started to grab my attention. Lush, the Breeders, then Not Too Soon by the Throwing Muses. So I asked for the Throwing Muses album for Christmas.... I remember it well - I can always find where my mom hides my presents really easily lol. I remember she got me the cassette and omg the amount of times I snuck into the present room and grabbed the tape and listened to each song one by one over and over again lol... Counting Backwards blew my little mind...
I bought all the earlier Throwing Muses albums, but they were a bit dodgy in places... but after that the band really upped their game with tighter albums. I remember being in Tower Records (ah, Tower Records) in London, and they were playing a song which sounded like the coolest thing I'd ever heard... I asked what it was and it was Snake from University, the next Throwing Muses album! And that's one of my fave albums of all time.
And then things expanded into solo albums from Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donelly, plus Belly...
Added to that, there were massive connections between the TMs and Love and Rockets (Gilbert Hernandez provided the cover to one of the TMs later albums) which just made everything in my little life make sense for a few moments...
Funny how the massive changes in music have changed the artists' output - Kristen releases tons of stuff online and it's hard to keep track of it all, for instance. She just released a book to record shops which you buy and then download the tracks with a code! And it's actually a pretty good album.
So anyway, at that moment, it was pretty much bye-bye to pop...
What an impact... Similar to the impact discovering Shade the Changing Man had on my music tastes.