Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Comic, Bad Comic

Bad comic(s)
Urgh. Since X-Men became X-Men Legacy, it has been such a dull, pointless read. And now it’s all just got worse. The latest issue, 238, the X-mighty have fallen. Boring, nameless characters inexplicably flying to India to meet the Sentinelszzzz. I don’t know who half the characters are (Loa and Indra seem to have the same tattoos – coincidence or bad planning?), and it’s all just a heap of pointless shit. And why are they even on a plane, when they’ve got the Blackbird/jetpacks/teleporters!!!??? And how did Magneto get through customs...?
The X-Men has become one big ol’ uncanny X-Mess. The comic I grew up with is now just written by people who really don’t seem to know the characters whatsoever. I look at Storm and Colossus and they’re just not the same characters I once fell in love with. And why are they all on one island together after what happened on Genosha?What is the point of Namor being an X-Man when he never does anything?
And how bad is the new ‘X-Men’ title? Seems like it’s purely there to cash in on the current vampire trend. What happens after the vampire story finishes?
And why is there gonna be a new team of mutants (‘Hope’s Generation’) when we have enough boring mutants as it is? And who cares about Hope? And is she Jean Grey or what??

Good comic!

I was in FP at the weekend, and my eye was attracted to a new manga book – Bakuman, by the creators of Death Note. What a lovely cover, and what a great little read. It’s almost as if they wrote it just for me! There are no super-heroics, no fantasy, no fighting – just a beautifully crafted story about two schoolkids wanting to become manga writers (but nowhere near as dull as ‘My Drifting Life’ yawwwn). Can’t wait to read more!!!

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JamieB said...

Is it still the case that the rights to the X-Men movies belong to someone other than Marvel Studios? I forget. Marvel seem more interested in the properties they can turn into movies these days...