Sunday, December 9, 2007

Some comics

I don't buy many comics these days. Well, actually, that's bollocks - i only buy Walking Dead, Powers, Astonishing X-Men and Luna Bros stuff regularly, but now and then I do splurge. Bought some really cool comics on a trip to Brum this weekend...
Initiative Annual - not a bad read, if a little pointless. Amory is too good a character to be left on the shelf.
Sword 3 - still a promising series, although I wonder when I'll start to lose track of what's going on and just buy it out of habit like I did with Girls. The art is so crisp!
World War Hulk 5 - well I'm not as impressed with this as a lot of my chums were, but as a no holds barred action comic, it's fairly breath-taking. Interesting hint about the son of Hulk being introduced next year.
Ultimates 3.1 - now I swore I wouldn't buy this, because of the creative team. Jeph Loeb hasn't impressed me since the awesome Long Halloween and Joe Madeuira - well, let's just say he's responsible for me giving up reading the X-titles all those years ago. But there was one reason i had to buy this title ...Valkyrie!!!!
All in all, not a bad little read. Loeb's script is a bit meander-y in places (not quite sure what exactly was happening on the first 3 pages, is Black Widow still alive?, when did it take place??, who's there??), occassionally unimpressive (Venom v Black Panther for a couple of pages zzzz), slighly confusing (where'd Black Panther come from), and so different to Mark Millar's stuff (okay let's lose all trace of subtlety about the Wanda/Pietro relationship).
Meanwhile, Joe Mad's art is ...better than it used to be... but woah, turn on the lights a bit, it's way too dark and murky, and too brown!
Generally though, it's a strong first issue, plenty goin' on, some little shocks, and I love where they've taken Hawkeye.

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