Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Wow, I'm back in love with this show again. I got very jaded with it in Season Two, and almost stopped watching after the dull-dull-dull Desmond and Hurley episodes this season - but I'm glad I stuck with it, as SEason Three really picked up. I finally saw the finale last night - good lord! Some random thoughts - don't read it if you don't want it spoiled...

- The length of jack's beard gave away the flash-forward twist! You could work it out - he's never had a beard like that before. It was VERY clever though and really opens up a lot of story possibilities. I'd love to have been a fly on the Lost Writers Room wall when they came up with that one.
- Charlie's death was sad! I was wondering why he shut the door and I'd forgot he HAD to die to save clare and aaron. They shoulda had a mini-flashback or sommat.
- Hurley and Sayid rocked - for once! Shows like this need to remember to keep reminding us why these characters are so awesome - not just have them sitting round saying 'dude' all the time.
- Soooo glad naomi died. She got on my nerves.
- I need a rousseau flashback - NOW!
- Those Other girls were vicious.
- Thought the radio tower might have been a bit more inventive - if you compare it to the sound barrier etc.
One of the most satisfying lost finales, definitely.

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kelvingreen said...

They killed off the hobbit? He was the only decent one on that programme. Oh well.