Friday, May 4, 2007

Children of Men

I saw an absolutely fantastic film this weekend - so good I literally had to watch it twice - Children of Men. It’s a deceptively simple movie, but what really grabbed me about it was its fluidity - the way some of the scenes are shot in one take - there’s a stunning car-chase thing not far from the start and the whole hospital battle at the end is breath-taking. The one frustrating thing about it was the subtlety of it at times - I totally missed a couple of important plot-points because they were hard to hear, some people and elements are very casually introduced and are almost missable (good job I watched it again lol). But there is such a real energy to this movie - almost an understated energy - and it has made a huge impression on me.


JamieB said...

I haven't seen it myself, but I just might now -- I notice it came 14th in Entertainment Weekly's list of the top 25 films & Tv series of the past 25 years, which ain't bad.

kelvingreen said...

Great film, crap cop-out ending though.

And Bexhill really is like that. ;)