Tuesday, May 8, 2007


So busy at the moment with O Men!!!
Plan is still to release 2.4 in June sometime and then 2.5 in August.
I'm about 20 pages into 2.4 - so it's do-able. I did so much this weekend - must have done about 12 hours yesterday (I feel like a junior doctor) and got no sleep cos i was still buzzing from it all lol.
And now I have two projects I want to get on with - the big poster suggestion that Jamie came up with - it hadn't been on my agenda until I saw a friend's poster and it really inspired me. Will be cool - kind of an updated version of the 'key chart poster' on my website, in the gallery section - all in colour. The version I really want to do has a huge spoiler for Issue 2.7 though.
And the second project is to do an updated/coloured/computer-lettered version of an old O Men issue - maybe issue 1 or 1.18. But that's a way off.
And somewhere in all this I want to work on this Tori strip idea that I've been asked to do for a Tori zine. Erk. I have ideas but all I want to do right now is O Men.

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