Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Horrible people on the internet

ha ha check dis out (plus my response below. I win! Unless he's just replied with a wittier and more scathing viewpoint...)


JamieB said...

Oh, come on, 'horrible' is putting it a bit strongly. Yes, he was decidedly sniffy about the magazine, and, yes, you're doing your best with what the production companies will let you have; but you're surely not going to claim that the mags aren't a little...anaemic...because of the restrictions placed on you?

And it's just mean picking on the bloke's typos -- he's blogging, you're putting out a magazine! :-)

Mart said...

it just sucks a bit when you work hard and people just pick up on stupid stuff. i read his critique thinking 'okay, let's see this, what have I fucked up...', and each and every point he made was pretty much redundant.
yeah, he's probably not 'horrible', but it's this whole anonymous internet generation thing - that some shlub can sit at his computer and fire out all sorts of crappy insults and get away with it.

To be honest, Fox barely put any restrictions on my magazine.

Yeah I know, not the same as a mag - but if you're gonna have a go at someone for typos - in any forum - you've gotta be perfect yourself.

C'mon, I think we've all faced 'internet wankers' haven't we? You know, the kind of people who are just needlessly aggressive and arsey and really wind you up?

Tara said...

Dubrow is a blogger, which means his credibility is nil for this kind of review blog. If he had experience editing a PRINT mag, I'd respect his comments more. And I heartily agree with Martin, that if you are going to take shots and be dismissive in a magazine review blog about things such as English language and grammar, you better be damn sure your house is in order before you hit send. It's knocks his already shaky credibility to a place where there is no reason to take him seriously at all. I think Martin's response was respectful, light in tone and far more fair than the review was. Furthermore, te writer called himself out as ass when he revealed during his Lost cast interviews, he couldn't even be bothered enough to prepare. He's lucky the "fascinating" actors bailed his ass out by giving good answers. If you want spoilers and whom Evangeline Lilly or Kiefer Sutherland is dating, stay with the Internet and rags. And if you aren't a fan, don't buy a fan mag; but don't diss the people that provide that for people who WANT that kind of behind-the-scenes information. As for "anemic," what exactly more do you want in a fan mag?