Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Reality TV round-up

A lot of my friends know, to their horror, that I like a spot of reality TV. Here’s a quick round-up.
Shipwrecked - where on Earth did they get these people? Half of them are so effing DULL!!! Everyone last year was a character. And what happened to the ‘playground bullying’ that was supposed to happen to lesbian Jo? Did they edit it, scared off by the early Lucy racism controversy??? Tsk. I’d like the Tigers to win, but I really can’t see that happening at this stage.
The Apprentice - an awesome year, the only problem being that I can’t see any of them getting hired!!! Katie started off well but has turned evil. Pure evil. Tre is great - kind of as annoying as Sayid from last year, but he makes more sense. I like Adam - I think everyone hates him cos they feel threatened. I’ve got Naomi in the office sweepstakes - but I seriously can’t see her winning!
Castaway - bloody hell, what a shit show. It’s like they selected a bunch of Eastenders audition rejects. They are all so moany and miserable!!! And that cretinous Jonathan! I know people who are like him - pure personality disorder all the way. This isn’t even proper Castaway. The first show was a year long and the idea was to build a community - here they just want personality clashes. They are all so dull! One feature was all about how one girl has an irritating voice and another was about this fat guy getting a haircut.
And yet I still watch it.
Project Runway - now this is more like it - I’m really gonna get into this. Even though Heidi Klum is a bit annoying.


Tara said...

Project Runway = delish!
I'm quite in love with The Amazing Race. You and I should go on it together - we'd be HILARIOUS!

Mart said...

ooooh! only if you have big hair on it!