Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reality round-up

Apprentice: blimey, the wrong person went last night. Tre should have gone. Basically Jadine got fired because she got upset about missing her little daughter after two months of being away from her. Harsh. Compare her to the guy who left on the 2nd week cos he missed his kids. I didn’t like Jadine at first, but she really grew on me and did well in the task last night.
It’s weird, cos I find it hard to see who will win – they all have so many flaws. Tre -too aggressive; Naomi – a bit too sly; Simon – loves himself and the camera too much; Katie – kind of evil (but not so evil last night, and I do feel a bit sorry for her); Lohit – who?; Kristina – too scheming.
Actually, Kristina grew on me last night… I do think Jadine, apart from a minor blip at the start, would have been a strong contendor.
Deal or No Deal – wow, what a crap week. Where are they getting these contestants from? Screamy, weepy Lynne on Sunday, boring Peter on Monday, slightly annoying Jo on Tuesday, and salt-of-the-Earth/get-off-my-TV Jeff last night. Blimey. It’s enough to make someone stop watching. There isn’t even anyone sexy worth watching at the moment lol.

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