Monday, May 14, 2007


My first comic was a SpiderMan one - one of the old Peter Parker comics, where he fought Gladiator, so I do have a special fondness for him. But I wouldn’t consider myself all that concerned about how good the movies are, as a lot of people seem to be. I was quite protective of the X-movies and was annoyed at the directions X3 went in. I just see Spidey as a blockbuster, just go in and enjoy the effects. I absolutely adored the first movie - it brings a little manly tear to my eye. Wasn’t too bothered about the second one - wasn’t that impressed by Alfred Molina and the directions it went in didn’t seem true to the comic.
I finally caught up with the third movie on Saturday. It was great, but, and I think everyone probably had this problem, there are a few buts. First up, waaaay too long. You think the Sandman threat is over halfway thru the movie and only then do they start the whole Venom stuff properly. It just seemed uneven.
Lots of storytelling hokiness too - Sandman’s motivations - is he a goody, a baddie? We’re supposed to like him, but then he goes and beats cops up and teams up with Venom. And what a coincidence that the Venom symbiote hooked up with Peter’s motorbike.
I’d also have preferred it if the black costume was a bit more like it is in the comics. I mean, what was it? Just a black material? In the comic it can cover Pete’s body in a flash. It just wasn’t explained very well.
And finally, the whole Peter going ‘wild’ bits - ouch. My jaw just dropped at how terrible it was. These sooo should have been deleted scenes on the DVD. It verged on Batman and Robin badness (yes, that bad).
Oh, and what was the point of Gwen? Plus she looked more like Felicia Hardy anyway. And what was the point of bringing up the whole Ben Parker stuff? And why did they choose to reveal the truth just now?
There were some really good scenes and some really good set-pieces but they shoulda cut out the crap - there’s a really great movie in there somewhere.


Rol Hirst said...

I enjoyed the bad Peter Parker stuff... it felt like classic Lee / Ditko. Maybe that was out of place in a 21st Century movie, but it was very true to the groovy feeling of the early comics.

Mart said...

oh that's a point. i dunno tho - i do have trouble reading the classic stuff these days anyway. we've just moved on.

Tara said...

I agree with all your points. There were too many villains; it had a been there, done that feel, too long, and while I get those "bad Peter" scenes were very Sam, they just came off very campy and these movies have never been campy. I too loved the X movies more so I have never been as invested in the Spidey's, but yeah, I don't see myself buying this one on DVD to watch again.