Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good comics

Read some good comics at the weekend. Was very impressed by the art in Heroes for Hire – by Clay Mann. Really enjoyed Mighty Avengers 3 and the art in Newuniversal was jaw-dropping. I’ve never been a huge Salvador Larocca fan, but he’s really come into his own now. Nice to see some decent art in Shadowpact but it’s still an odd little comic – and how can they make Enchantress so boring? She used to be really intriguing.
I also bought the new Fell trade on Saturday – wow, what a great little comic, and a bargain too – 8 quid for 8 issues. A nice little read – something cool happens in each chapter, and I like the way that the storylines continue and evolve as the series progresses, rather than it all being a load of one-shots.

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