Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reality TV

I have ruined Project Runway for myself. I mooched around online looking for photos of someone and then i stumbled across this guy's blog - a big promo for it, so i was like 'ah sh*t he won then!" So gutted. So then, knowing the winner, I looked at more stuff - only to find that the actual winner was someone else!!! aaargh!
it happened ages ago with america's next top model. one of the contestants looked like my mate's girlfriend so i went looking for a picture for him and the first thing i found was a spoiler of who won the season!!!
and on yahoo's home-page they show pictures of the three finalists of the current cycle!!! aargh!!!
aaanyway. an okay episode of the apprentice last night. i felt sorry for Ghazal and I could just tell that she was on the defensive right from the start with her team - such a load of back-stabbing bitches all scheming away. poor girl. but she'd never have won anyway.

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