Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Two cool comics

Two cool comics out at the moment that probably aren’t selling. Hawkgirl and Birds of Prey. As with most DC titles, I don’t really understand what the hell is going on, but they’re great reads with lovely art. And Birds of Prey has a female artist who is amazing – it’s been ages since there’s been an amazing female artist!


JamieB said...

I'm a big fan of BoP anytime it features Huntress, not so much when it doesn't. That said, they've thrown Manhunter into the mix now -- one more reason to keep buying.

Horses for courses, natch, but I can think of a few female artists whose work I'm loving right now -- Amanda Conner, Chynna Clugson, Christine Norrie, and, yes, Nicola Scott.

Mart said...

i love the Huntress, even though I don't particularly understand her, and I hate her new costume.
Jill Thompson used to be my favourite until she went all kiddy.

JamieB said...

I was going to mention Jill Thompson, but, truth to tell, I wasn't a big fan of her Dead-Boy Detectives (that was JT, right...?).

Huntress, like Power Girl, is a transfer over Earth-2, giving her a somewhat-complicated backstory in the current version of the DC Universe. I can recommend the recent DC collections of the early adventures of the Earth-2 Huntress ("Huntress: Darknight Daughter") and Power Girl ("Justice Society", 2 volumes). Huntress also features in the second volume of the JS stories. And Keith Giffen provided the pencils for some of the stories in the first volume.