Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I discovered a superb little gem of a comic last week - the Sentinels by Drumfish Productions. I’d seen Book 4 in FP and it really struck a chord with me, but I didn’t buy it, considering I hadn’t read Books 1-3 and didn’t have the first clue what it was about. So luckily my very good friend Springy ordered it from the States for me for my b’day. I love it!!! Such a cool, random cast of characters, a nice engaging story - check it out at The creator was brought up on comics like classic Teen Titans, so no wonder it’s good.
It’s funny, because as soon as one of the characters, Harlette, appeared I thought ‘that’s Miss Scarlet!’ and it did kind of worry me that we’d basically written the same comic - but Sentinels is a little bit more superhero-y than O Men. I’m loving it, and I’ve ordered Books 2 and 3.

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