Thursday, April 12, 2007

Apprentice UK 3

As many of my friends know, I am a huge reality TV junkie and The Apprentice is one of fave shows on at the moment. It's hilarious to think how you would survive if you were in that situation at work and you just stabbed your workmates in the back!
(Don't read on if you haven't seen last night's ep. Or if you don't care.)
I think the wrong person went last night - she was probably an easy target and the team leader should have gone (he doesn't want another Michelle now, does he).
Tre reminds me of Sayid, except I actually like Tre - he just needs to calm down a bit.
Big contendors for me are Paul and Natalie - they haven't done much yet, but there is just something about them.
The following people haven't got a hope in hell of winning and they should just go home now! These people have got no chance of winning: Ghazal, Tre, Kristina, Jadine, Sophie, Lohit.
Sir Alan's helpers crack me up, especially the bloke - his expressions! And I think Alan must surely need to try and stop himself from laughing most of the time...

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