Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear DC

Dear DC Comics,
Well done on your 52 series. It's a very good idea, but maybe you could have picked some more interesting main characters rather than those D-list dullards. Begone, boring Black Adam!
And next time, maybe make it clear whether you're supposed to read World War III or 52 first - like a little note in the front of the comic. It's not hard!


JamieB said...

Did any of the WWIII books contribute anything to the storyline, other than 'explaining' why this or that battle took place in this or that country?

And isn't it a hoot that DC scheduled 52 issues of a weekly comic to explain how all of our heroes arrived at where they were One Year Later, only, in the end, to squeeze all of said explanation into a single issue of said comic [plus four specials]?

Loved the Animal Man family scenes in this week's issue -- "Did Roger book a stripper?" wonderful :-)

Mart said...

did it explain stuff? I missed that lol.

i thought Jade had been resurrected but that was one of the Infinity Inc girlz wasn't it?

DC confuses me so.

And they soooo shoulda done a monthly comic collecting the month's 4 parts.

kelvingreen said...

Yes, to be fair, from what I've heard, I don't think even DC knew what order in which they're supposed to be read. Sounds like they cacked up the whole thing, including as JamieB says, putting all the OYL stuff in the last couple of issues.

Mart said...

i tried to work it all out from looking at the 'next issue' covers on DC's back page. so it seemed to be tht you should read WW3 1-3, then 52 50 (or 49 or whichever one it was) and then part 4. which was completely wrong.

Rol Hirst said...

I always loved Animal Man. That's still my favourite Morrison book of all time (followed closely by DP). But even he (and The Question) couldn't persuade me to order the trades. I feel so much better now that DC are officially rubbish again. I don't have to worry about how I'm going to afford their comics.

Did read the Alpha trade this week though. Re-reading the Northstar story, I saw for the first time the subtle way Byrne hinted at JP's sexuality without having a big shocking outing or anything. Great writing. John Byrne was brilliant, wasn't he? Whatever happened?

JamieB said...

Coyote Gospel remains one of my favorite single issues of any comic; I loved Morrison's final issue too -- that whole thing with the torch. Cracking stuff.

If DC had collected 52 one month at a time, wouldn't people have just skipped the weeklies and bought the monthly compendium? (And, for some strange reason, the picture that I have in my head right now is the shot they showed on the BBC London news of a Westminster-Council bulldozer shovelling loads of discarded free newspapers into a rubbish tip...)

Mart said...

my only problem with animal man was the cruddy art. morrison had a tendency to pick cruddy artists back in the day (well, not all of them).
good old Byrney. It's shocking, when you love a team like Alpha so much, to know how little he holds them in his regards.
i dunno, kelvin, in this age of spoilers, people might have wanted to get their hands on their weekly 52 before they heard about the entire story. I'm a bit like that with Walking Dead (and there is a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Walking Dead spoiler in the latest issue of Previews - sigh.)

kelvingreen said...

I also think a weekly comic in the Direct Market is a bit cheeky, given that it's ordered months ahead and is non-returnable.