Thursday, April 26, 2007

Album in my hands

Well I have a certain new album in my hands... one I've been excited about... a good friend actually fedexed it to me lol (she sooo could have been arrested!). do i listen to it though or wait til Monday... I've listened to some of the tracks in some shape or form (the Marketing guys are making it unavoidable) but there are still 16 untouched tracks...
I'm not sure I agree with them putting the whole album on her Myspace page though. What happened to anticipation?!


JamieB said...

Can artists afford to hold anything back in this world of digital music and illegal downloads?

Mart said...

this whole thing with tori is bizarre. i know she battles against illegal downloads and stuff but now she's (or the record company are) doing something new - if you buy the album on itunes you get a free exclusive track, and if you buy the album from Borders you get another different exclusive track. so that's kind of annoying, as i'm not really a huge downloader anyway.
I really disagree with putting the whole album on her myspace page - there was a day when a release date would be special and you could really get excited about all the new tracks - but you can't do that when all the tracks are readily available to be listened to!!!