Thursday, April 5, 2007

Curse FP and Tomine!

No Classic Alpha in FP :-(
And no new issue of Optic Nerve :-( Come on, Adrian, you can do it!!! It's only been a year since the last issue!


JamieB said...

Meanwhile, back in good, old GOSH...I picked up the Legion of Superheroes Showcase yesterday -- love the expression on Superboy's face on the cover. I also picked up issues 1&2 of "How to date a girl in 10 days" -- recommended -- and the latest issue of the Gail-Simone-penned "Welcome to Tranquility" -- meh (but a fun series, over all).

Oh, and I hear that Gail Simone is leaving Bird of Prey. Sean "Spiderman Loves Mary Jane" McKeever is to be the new writer. So that's me in for the long haul :-)

Mart said...

i got that - and actually read the first 10 or so pages!
what is how to date a girl?
hmm Tranquility isn't my cup of tea. not a fan of the artist (since he 'rejected' me when i showed him my stuff at a con when he was working for Com-X)

Gail Simone - is she really that good?

JamieB said...

LSH Showcase: bl**dy h*ll, but they did some strange things with the Superman family back in the day.

HTDAGI10D is an Eagle-Award-nominated (sorry -- hope that's not a sore point :-)) small press comic about a bloke called Tom -- aspiring comics creator slumming it as a comic-shop employee -- trying to slough off his ennui long enough to get past first base with a hot indie chick; info at:

(The comic shop in question seems to be Orbital; and 'Tom' drinks at The Dublin Castle in Camden -- sound like anyone you know?)

I sort-of know what you mean about the Tranquility artist -- I sometimes have difficulty telling the difference between characters when they're shown from the neck up only. He worked with Com-X -- was this on Cla$$War?

I like the way that Gail Simone handles ensembles; and she seems to have an unabashed love for superheroics (cf Joss Whedon, who always seems to me to be his approach, frequently feeling the need to draw attention to the unreality of it all).

Mart said...

oh it was all so different in those days. :-) All very silly hehe

(Martin puts his fist thru the screen at the mere mention of the Eagles)

'Googe' did that badly drawn comic about some blonde girl - the details escape me! ah, that's it, Bazooka Jules. Let's lay our hopes for UK comics success on 'Bazooka Jules' shall we? I'm surprised it didn't win an Eagle...

i wanna know how Gail writes so much!

JamieB said...

Bitter much? :-)

Maybe GS is the secret love-child of Robert Kirkman and Brian Michael Bendis? :-) (As she is giving up BoP to take on a new super-top-secret project at DC, evidently she does have her limits.)

Mart said...

Birds of Prey rocks at the moment!