Monday, April 23, 2007

Strange Little Girl

I love Tori Amos to bits… but seeing her on ‘Loose Women’ on Thursday was… a bit of a shock. She had a shock red wig on, totally looking like a drag queen, and then she performed two new songs (which I’d never heard before) which seemed to address ‘the deaths of children’ (she should have done a ‘nicer’, more straight-forward song, like Almost Rosey seems to be). And I have no idea what the pensioner-audience must have made of all that, as well as discussing her rape during the show (great question there, Denise Welch – and how come you got more Geordie, Denise?).


JamieB said...

So when is this T-A gig that you're going to?

Mart said...

i am seeing her twice in early July!
the more i think about her red wig, the more i despair. she looks terrible! it makes her nose look big!
and how am i supposed to avoid listening to her album when ALL the tracks are on her myspace page!!!

JamieB said...