Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Anthology Issue

Well here are a few more details on O Men 2.5, the Anthology issue!
To make up for the O Men Anthology One-shot which died last year, Issue 2.5 will be a very special issue indeed. It will be the origin issue of one of the new characters (and believe me, it takes a whole issue to tell it) and parts of the issue will be illustrated by other members of the small press community (and some friends I've thrown in too!).
The line-up consists of:
Graham Pearce (Sgt Mike Battle, www.sgtmikebattle.co.uk)
Oli Smith (who created one of Comics International's #1 Comics of 2006 - www.idlechild.co.uk)
Grant Springford (Pest Control)
Gary Simpson (a horror and short story writer who has had his work published in 2000AD and who is one of my favourite people)
Sean Azzopardi (Eight Hour Shift, www.phatcatz.com)
Sina Shamsavari (http://www.boycrazyboy.com)
Kelvin Green (who has had a huge impact on The O Men and wrote and drew an Arachnid story for the dead Anthology - this should be on the website but I don't think it is for some reason)
Andrew James (I sit next to Andrew at work, www.dubious-tales.com)
All being well, the issue will be launched at Caption in August. All not being well, it'll be out at the Brum con in October.
I still need to get three of the scripts sorted so don't panic, guys!
I am very excited!!!


JamieB said...

The bloke wot does "how to date a girl in 10 days" is going to caption, I think.

kelvingreen said...

I'm excited too! And thanks for the compliment! ;)