Saturday, April 28, 2007

Lost - losing...

After a good run, Lost gets slightly average again. The Juliet episode didn't really tell us anything, and it was a bit like an 'it was all a dream' episode, as in everything was negated by the twist at the end (great twist though). And now that we know that there are indeed escape routes off the island, it kinda loses a bit of its tension.
The Desmond episode was okay, although I can't say he is my favourite character and as much as Charlie gets on my nerves, the sight of seeing him killed every five minutes still didn't make this episode good. And I'm also bored by the Desmond-rescue story and loathe Penny.
Still, with every episode, I egg the writers on to make it good, because this is a show that can work.
Saw the new Heroes too - it kinda dragged a bit I thought. Still cool though.

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kelvingreen said...

See, I gave up after two episodes. The padding is just far too obvious, and though fans tell me it's the characters, not the plot, that's the strength of the show, I find I don't like the characters! So there's nothing there for me.