Wednesday, April 18, 2007


We got this email at work today. So if you don't ever hear from me again...

Dear Colleague,
It has been reported to HR that a colleague within the building has suffered from a mild strain of Meningitis. Although the risk of transference is low, should you suffer from any of the symptoms listed below you’re advised to seek medical attention. Upon seeking medical attention if Meningitis is confirmed please inform the HR department immediately.
(Symptoms follow)
Should you require any further information or have any questions please come and speak to the HR team.

It's a bit worrying getting emails like this - but we've still all been going round saying "i've got meningitiiis raaa'. All in the best possible taste of course.
(Oh and I've had a really bad sore throat for two days, but luckily it's not a symptom...)


Tara said...

Martino has cootiessssssssss!

Mart said...

what are cooties??
we don't have them in the UK! are they bogies?