Sunday, November 29, 2009

Almost getting back to normal now...

Thank goodness, things seem to be calming down!!!
Just one radio interview this week, a couple of website interviews, still a bit of Spandex press going on and website stuff, but I can handle it now I think. I think I 'hit the ground falling' last week lol. I didn't know if I was coming or going.
Some of the negative comments about Spandex really got to me - but I just have to really focus on the positives, and some people have been really positive. Rich Johnston very kindly invited me to join his lovely Thanksgiving preview project on Bleeding Cool, so I posted a pic from issue two ( - altho immediately got a 'he draws like a 10-year-old!' comment (rolls eyes).
So yeah, just the odd wacky email here and there. Someone told me my use of the word transvestite was 'offensive'. Can't win really - my friend said to me that even if I made a comic about a fluffy bunny making friends with a cute toad, the internet-haterz would still try to knock it down.
So yep, hopefully things will calm down. I have ordered a second printing of Spandex which should hopefully be with me on Tuesday - which is good as I have about 400 orders to send out, and people are starting to get annoyed with me I think!!!
So yes, I am going to do an issue two, aiming for Jan or Feb, but fully aware that it's going to be a lot of work. I just tweaked the script this weekend and I think it's a doozy, a lot of fun. Better crack on!


JamieB said...

I do like that picture

Mart said...

thanks jamie!

Verdant said...

Hey Mart,

I can totally empathize with how the negativity online can hurt. A lot. Thankfully it gets better with time. I just read the article in the Metro posted on your blog. Spandex sounds like a lot of fun! It's good that you're focusing on the positives and moving forward with your work.

Best of luck with your comic. I think the art looks great! If you'd like a free ad for Spandex in the next issue of Pride High, let me know :). I'm way behind schedule, but issue 8 will be out eventually, and readers of Pride High would probably take well to your work, too!

Tommy, creator of Pride High

Mart said...

Hi Tommy
Thanks so much for the message!
I'd love to see Pride High, do you fancy a swap?
Wow a free ad - thanks so much!
What is your email address? If you want to email me go for