Friday, October 30, 2009

Paranormal Activity!

Have you seen it yet?
I won't spoiler it...
Okay, the first thing that springs to mind - and it will probably appear in most reviews - is Blair Witch. But not because of the camcorder aspect - it’s because of the fact that it brought the same sensations to me - the feeling of dread (which is slightly unwarranted in both movies) and the amount of screen time where not much is happening…
So anyway, if you hadn’t heard - PA is the latest ‘real life’ camcorder style movie, which tells the tale of a couple who are being terrorised by a ghost or demon or something nasty - and they decide to film their nights - and spooky things do happen!
It’s a very claustrophobic movie - halfway thru I just wanted them to get the hell out of the house (which is modern, but somehow slightly scary and the dark downstairs is horrrrible), but the worst parts are the moments of dread when the title ‘Night 1’ ‘Night 13’ etc pops up…and the infra red comes on…and you really don’t know what’s going to happen next… Some of it is a bit disappointing, some is creepy, but one in particular is fairly jaw-dropping!
All in all, it’s not the best movie ever, or the scariest, but it does have bits that will make you ill at ease, I did watch most of it through my fingers and I will probably have trouble sleeping tonight…
Some annoying faults of the movie - okay, if a demon expert tells you not to buy a Ouija board, don’t buy a Ouija board… The bit where (spoiler follows, avoid this sentence) they show footage of someone chewing their arm off is a bit daft - could they really eat thru bone??
And finally - just the acting - having watched so much Curb Your Enthusiasm lately, these guys do need improv lessons, and I never once thought they weren’t actors.
Oh and finally, apparently there are so many different versions doing the rounds (apparently Stephen Speilberg had a hand in one) that I don’t actually know which one I was watching… Moreover, a trailer I saw had the hubby being flung thru the air, so I was steeling myself for that bit - but it wasn’t actually in the movie I saw!!! Tsk…

Happy Halloween from Diva!

Happy Halloween from Prowler!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Very chuffed

Gosh... On Saturday, my Facebook Spandex page had 10 'fans', and now, after a little mail-out to various chums, I've reached a milestone - 50 fans!!!
I'm so chuffed and touched that people have taken time out to sign up. I hope I can come up with some fun things to do on the page!!
If you fancy joining up, just search for Spandex Comic and I'm there.

In the meantime, I've now spotted three mistakes in Spandex 1!!! I already knew there was one before printing, but I just let it go as i didn't want to 'jinx' it at that point - I was happy to let it go.
But now I've spotted two more...
They're continuity errors... I challenge you to spot them!

Standards are slipping?

In the old days, newspapers NEVER had typos, but they tend to have a fair few these days (sorry, it's the Editor in me). Similarly, I've started to notice standards in the cinema slipping too!!!
Went to see Zombieland last week and they repeated the trailer for Saw 6 twice... Maybe it was deliberate...but I can't see why...Mistake!!
And then on Saturday I saw Korean movie Thirst...and halfway through, it went really strange... The story started to jump around a lot... I thought 'hmm has the projector gone all funny?'. It really wasn't making sense... A character suddenly was paralysed, and then later we saw how it happened... Another character suddenly disappeared and only later we found out what happened to them...
I put it down to quirky storytelling, as I was still able to 'get' the movie, but I compared notes with my chums today and I started to get suspicious. Turns out I was correct - the screening I saw just wasn't right! So I emailed the cinema to warn them about future screenings and it turned out that a 'trainee projectionist' messed it up!!!!
So I got two complimentary tickets :-)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spandex is OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guess what - Spandex 1 is now available!!!!!
Yes, not a dream, not a hoax, after just-under-a-year of work, issue one is all done, and you can get it from select shops in London soon, or direct from me (cheque or Paypal - just email me for details -
40 pages, full colour, free posters, free stickers and cards, postage included - all for just £2.50 (or mates' rates of a quid hehe).
I've also put together a PDF so if you fancy that instead, it's £1.
Now if only I could figure out how to add Paypal buttons to things...
Copies are on their way to people I owe them to, so don't worry.
In other news - there's a Spandex Facebook page, if you want to hook up on there - just search for Spandex Comic. There's a Spandex website at, and also, the Spandex team will be 'Twittering', just look for SpandexComic. Liberty's watching Strictly Come Dancing at the moment hehe
I started my invasion of bars, giving out fliers and stickers last night - it was fun!
And in other news, it's become painfully apparent that the final Spandex book won't be done for about a year, at least...So prepare yourselves for 'Spandex Shorts' in the meantime... More news on this project soon!
The Spandex journey is just beginning - I've got a lot of plans!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'd like to Kick her Arse...

Congratulations to author Jeanette Winterlesbian for making my blood boil on Friday's Newsnight Extra (a programme I normally NEVER watch ever!).
According to her, "The comic book world is misogynist! It wipes women out."
For fucks sake.
Just because you can use big words like "proclivity", doesn't make you an expert on everything, madam!!! I thought Kevin Smith was going to thump her.
And it's 'Kickass', not 'Kick Arse', so ner.
(Oh and congrats to Kirsty Wark for patronisingly dismissing comic fans as geeks - but it's okay, we're used to it... Sigh...)

Monday, October 5, 2009

The X-Factooorrrr

Just had to get X-Factor opinions out of my system re the 'Final 12' plus those who didn't get through...

Simon's group - over 25s

My gosh what a tough category - they could all have got through.
Olly - so relieved he got thru, as it could have gone either way. I reckon he'll win!
Danyl - oh goddd. started off so well, but now he's just too much. already thinks he's a superstar. simon would have been well within his rights to reject him.
Jamie - glad he got thru - good luck to him.
Trey C - amazing audition, but she doesn't have the x-factor, personality-wise.
Nicole - i couldn't even remember her name - had to look it up!!! she had a good voice, despite being a bit too gospel, a bit too shouty. I don't mind her, and it's weird for Simon not to have a female in his group, but the competition was just too strong.
Daniel - well he's good, not particularly likeable, not a particularly strong personality, and, well, he's had his shot with One True Voice. we're gonna start going round in circles if we keep allowing old contestants into this.

Louis' - groups

Kandy Rain - well they won't last long, but good luck.
Miss Frank - should do okay, although they need to stop shout-singing
John and Edward - hehe I actually quite like them! they're just silly. Good luck!
Harmony Hood - hmm, nah. Didn't even know what two of the group looked like until I actually focused on them last night.
Project A - Thank god they didn't get through - I don't think I heard them sing a single correct note, plus the brown haired one looked like bitchy Saffia from this year's Big Bro.
De-Tour - hmm look good, but not amazing at all.

Danni's - girls

Lucie - thank goodness she got thru. Amazing voice and pretty girl. Exactly what this show is all about.
Rachel - I don't think she'll get very far. I don't really understand her personality.
Stacy - awww so sweet! Good luck!
Black haired girl - well she had potential...but not that bothered...
Black girl - who...?
Despina (?) - Not amazing... Actually this is one thing about the X-Factor - it's pretty obvious who isn't gonna get thru because you don't get to know anything about certain people!

Cheryl's - boys
Oh godddd
Ricky - noooooo!!! Too needy, too desperate, too annoying. Go away!
Lloyd - nooooo!!! You can't sing!!! And Cheryl does the big speech about not being able to cope with fame when she was 19...leading to the logical conclusion that she's gonna let a 16 year old thru???
joe - yaaay - should do well
Ethan - should have gone thru! Good looking, good voice.
Duane - should have gone thru!! Good looking, good voice.
Daniel - just didn't register, barely shown on the auditions... Glad he didn't get thru.

And my predictions...
Out first...
Kandy Rain
Miss Frank
John and Edward
Winner! Olly

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spider Tart

So this is the cover to Spider Woman issue 5... The cheesecake fest continues!
I wonder if she will be completely naked on issue 6's cover...?