Saturday, September 29, 2007

New seasons

Just watched ep 2 of Prison Break season 3 and ep 1 of Heroes season 2.
PB is awesome - just sooo crazy and daft - it's just one silly scrape after another, very intense. Reaaaally unconvincing plot development with Sucre in this one though, hmmm. Oh well. New bad gal Susan B Anthony is superb, as much as I want to hate her, knowing what's coming up.

Heroes Ep 1 - don't worry, no spoilers - well this is a show that can go anywhere at this point, can't it. It felt like more of a prologue episode than anything else. And where was Ali Larter? They still haven't figured out what to do with her yet, have they. I was kinda worried because I heard casting stuff about 'irish gangs' and I just thought 'is that the best they can come up with' - but that seems like a side-story and that there are much deeper issues going on - almost Zenith like (hopefully). Some great stuff from George Takei and the Petrelli mother though - very Dynasty, very Watchmen - and Ando, altho still not really a huge character, is so cool. Huge focus on Mr Bennet - not my favourite actor by any means - but a really good charcter. Was it me or did Claire look a bit....dumpy?!
It feels like I missed a season though - two big things going on, which haven't really been referenced before.
So a bit of a slow start. I'm intrigued to see where this is all gonna go - I hope it's gonna be exciting.
Oh god, and that little brat Molly - she needs to die please. Very very soon. Horrible.

Oh, and finally, funny how the bad guys in PB and Heroes are both called The Company. Would love it if they were the same organisation lol

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sob stories

I love the X-Factor, but surely there must be some big changes this year. Last year's show was pretty abysmal, I think. I blame Sharon! She encourages all the sob strories and all the crying - I bet she thinks it's a good tactic - but c'mon, what happened to these people enjoying the music?
And these sob stories are ridiculous! "i'm auditioning becuase I had a burst appendix" (*I* had a burst appendix when I was 11 - but it didn't make me audition for the X-FActor!), and so on and so on.
Can't really see any clear finalists yet - maybe the young blonde girl with the operatic voice, maybe the waif-like scottish lad - pleeeease not the army guy - we really don't need another Robson and Jerome.

Prison Break

So Prison Break season three has been advertised and promoted absolutely everywhere. How does Sky have so much money? They must have spent millions. And what will the ratings be? one million? two million? cos isn't that all that Sky gets? How on earth do they do it.
(good first ep though - i've seen it already! and read teh first 6 scripts! i can't say anything but...jesus christ...)
Update: So the ratings are in - half a million for the first episode. But wait - that is good news apparently, a record breaker! Erm. Wasn't it doing two or three million on Channel Five? Fox shouldn't have bothered selling it...

What KT did next

Ha ha, sorry Rol!!
My itunes rampage began today!! with my 100 quid itunes vouchers.
i got:
pj's white chalk - sounds okay, not amazing
jose gonzalez - not blown away yet
kt tunstall - i really wasn't sure about this because i felt it would be really bland - but y'know what? it's actually really good!
and then my workmate russell recommended 'Bats for Lashes' and i popped onto the itunes store and saw the words 'like' 'tori' and 'amos' so bought it immediately. and it sounds awesome!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Does anyone really care about...

Black Canary?
they should kill her off at the wedding and create a historic moment!
(Sorry Jamie)

Friday, September 14, 2007

I am 10

At work, I will be 'celebrating' my 10th anniversary this week. It's okay though, I celebrate it with 10 others, so I'm not the only one.
Personnel phoned me up on Thursday and asked me if I wanted 200 quid's worth of champagne or 200 quid's worth of vouchers. Vouchers, of course, please. So, tell me, have a think - what would you go for?
Have a think...
You said HMV, right? lol. So did I at first.
Well I finally decided to split it between Amazon and Itunes. I wonder if i made the right decision. Amazon is very useful, and I often buy from 'used and new' so I should be able to get loads. I was gonna go for Forbidden Planet - but I guess I can get most of my stuff from Amazon, and I get 30% off at FP anyway. Still, imagine blowing 100 quid on comics mmmm
Itunes - well, I dunno if I made the right decision there, especially since I just discovered a naughty downloading website lol (I don't normally download naughtily). Plus it did seem a bit 'wasteful' to go for 100 quid on itunes. I mentioned it to a colleague and said I was thinking about the starving kids in Africa and feeling selfish - he just said that they probably couldn't do much with 100 quids worth of itunes vouchers...
So I dunno if I made the right decision, but the decision has been made, so that's it.
Of course, maybe I could have put it towards helping to replace my dying washing machine - but...nah, way too sensible...

Break-up songs

Some other bloggers do song lists, and I thought it was my turn. Plus a couple of mates have been du--, I mean, let go by their partners recently, so here are my top three 'getting over being dumped' songs.
1. Breakin Up by Rilo Kiley: The happiest dumped song I've ever heard, very funny! If you have been dumped, give this a spin and it will not only cheer you up, it will make you want to start dating again - purely so you can get dumped again!
2. Cloud on my Tongue by Tori Amos: As with many Tori songs, I don't really know what she's singing about, but I saw a live version of her doing this song once, and there's this build-up to a really tense moment where she calmly sings 'You can go now... You can go now', and then the song kind of made sense to me. Yes, you can go now.
3. Bloody Mother Fucking Arsehole by Martha Wainwright: Oh yes, this is for an angry moment and really helps get that person out of your system. Was very useful for me about three years ago (you know who you are, 'T', lol!!!)
(no, not you, Tara!)

Walking Dead

I only buy two comics these days - Walking Dead and Powers. Well, I say that, but i probably buy more than that if I think about it (The Authority - there, you see?), and tonight I treated myself to Infinity Inc, The UN-men and something else that escapes me.
So anyway, i read the latest two Walking Deads tonight.
It's an odd comic. It's great, but it doesn't always hit the spot at all. It doesn't help that Kirkman always over-hypes his issues - 'next issue: everything changes!' - er yeah, Glenn gets a haircut (why does he never get stubble?).
And the covers are veeery misleading - making the issues appear more exciting than they often are.
And get them out of that bloody prison.
The letters pages can be a real chore to read - and as a fan of letters pages, taht's an odd thing for me to say. And Kirkman's brush-off of criticism and just about everyone's wish for an answer to why the zombie plague hit, is brattish. In fact, I wonder if he's a bit of a childish fanboy type bloke. His 'dedication' to Mike Weiringo in issue 42 misfires completely, and comes across as someone sulking.
But it's still, I quite like it...

Comics for girls

So tonight, my lovely assistant Hannah from work, came along to FP with me. She had no real interst in comics, so I asked her to point out the one comic she would buy. Guess what she chose?
The Black Canary Wedding Planner - ha ha!
So well done, Dan Didio - perhaps your company isn't going down the drain after all...


Well I just bought my lovely copy of Showcase presents Batman and the Outsiders. I think I will really read this one. No, it won't just sit on my shelf. It won't. Although the art is fairly appalling... But there's a lovely little treat, in the shape of a Teen Titans crossover issue, with Perez art.
As always, it's a shame it's not all in colour - surely publishing is getting to the stage where they can make this affordable?
But anyway, it will be nice to learn more about characters such as Black Lightning, Halo and Katana - who DC, as usual, never really explain what they're all about to new readers.
Katana particularly interests me, because I can't really see the point of this character yet, and she seems like a fairly lame superhero.
One thing about her - she's referred to as a 'She-Samurai' at one point. What a fantastic name!!!! She Samurai!!! Call her that, instead of Katana, and she could've been as big as Batman.
Maybe I'll steal the name...

The McCanns

I don't think anyone knows what to say or think about the whole McCanns situation. It's not looking good for the parents is it. I think I'd have been a dribbling wreck a long time ago if it was me.
It's kind of weird to go from a situation where a paper like the Express will have them and Maddy on teh front page every single day for months on end - and now suddenly little doubts start to appear.
Personally, I think the evidence is starting to mount up a bit, and there's stuff I'm not sure they can explain.
But I don't see how any human being could like for so many months in so many press conferences. Nah. And even if they killed her accidentally, these guys are doctors, for goodness sake - sensible, intelligent people.
But at the end of the day, there isn't even a body, so how can it be murder?

Strange blog

My old chum Jay (hello Jay!) got in touch with me and told me that my Blog is weird. Is it? I thought it was quite toned down. Jeez, you should read the stuff I think about publishing and decide not to!


So I wonder if it was Noel's idea to have an ALL-FEMALE week on Deal or No Deal...
The dirty old bugger...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Saying something nice

I thought i had better counter-balance my Keira Knightly vitriol with something nice - a bit like a karma balance thing.
So all hail actress Shawnee Smith! I think she rocks in the Saw movies - I love how they've weaved her in and out of them, and I hope she will be in Saw 4.
Apparently she was in an X-Files episode - Firestarter, where phallic spores burst out of peoplle's throats - will have to re-check that episode out.
See, I can be nice.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Keira Shitely

I don't know why, but i have this irrational hatred of Keira knightley. It's very strange, especially because I didn't mind her in bend it like beckham. but now i just find her annoying, and i also can't stand her 'no, press people, don't take photos of me on the red carpet with my bones showing, cos then i'll have to whinge on about how the press invade my privacy and how i'm not anorexic' routine.
and now she's sunk to new lows with a dreadful looking new film, atonement, in which her accent sinks to new posh lows.
worse still, this movie seems oscar bound, so there will literally be no escape from this wretched girl.
in fact, i may stay up on oscar night next year. the last time i did that was the return of the king year (which i thoroughly enjoyed) so i might stay up to make sure she doesn't win!!!

good lord have you ever read such a frenzied attack on someone lol

The L Word

Well I'm just watching the first episode of The L Word season four. This show is really struggling. The last couple of seasons have been fairly abysmal, with couples that just ain't working, bizarre storylines, and the ever-annoying Jenny and Max. You just get the feeling the show is struggling, and the anemic, roped-together titles sequence (which they've had to rejig because two main characters left the show - and it seems like their heart wasn't in it) is sad to watch (and jeez they still have that hideous theme music). And the show desperately needs new characters.
And why on Earth would Living tv would buy the series and then show it at midnight on a Friday???
ah well, i'll see how it goes.

Civil Idiots

Well done to Mark Millar and Steve McNiven for their constructive commentary on the Civil Wars series in the latest Wizard magazine. It was so nice to hear that you know nothing about comics and don't really care about them whatsoever. It was very 'funny' to hear you talk about the fans 'wanking' over the sexy pictures of Sue Storm. And it was really insightful to read about the thrill you got out of drawing Dagger's arse.
Yeah, nice one guys.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sad news

ha ha not really sad news. But apparently Showcase presents Suicide Squad has been shelved. It's a shame, I was looking forward to this - even though I borrowed all the issues off my friend Marcus, and thought it was crap on a re-read. But Enchantress was so much better than she is in Shadowpact, Luke McDonnel's art is so cool, and the Bronze Tiger is one of my fave characters.
In the meantime, I will have to enjoy Showcase Presents Batman and the Outsiders - which I actually might read, rather than put on my shelf gathering dust.
Oh, and I have decided to try and track down the run of Justice League Detroit - I have a few issues - including the finale of the run (awesome) - but I have decided to check it all out - hey, it's got Zatanna in it! And Luke McDonnel art!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I'm just reading the first collection of the new JLA series.
What the...?
Is it me, or is it really disjointed? Quite hard to follow (well, that is probably me, isn't it).
Who cares about the Red Tornado? Why does Vixen spend her whole time just flying around? (Actually, Vixen has got really cool powers - but she's still not quite A-list is she.) Is it me, or is Black Canary a bit obselete now? Do kids these days really care about her? I'm more of a Marvel man, but I don't mind DC - but DC have done nothing to 'sell' Black Canary to me, in all my years of reading.
Why does Geo Force suddenly pop up from nowhere?
And the cover of the book - what a mess. Let's put JLA and the actual cover pic as teeny tiny as possible, because no one cares about comics, and BRAD MELTZER needs to be as huge as possible. Shame that putting 'from the author of the Book of Fate' just reminded me of that recent spate of Dr Fate comics, rather than an obviously more high-brow proper book...
(Oh, and why didn't they put the actual first issue of the new jLA series in the collection? issue 0? D'oh!)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

My current guilty pleasure on a Saturday afternoon is Living's marathon session of Jerry Springer. jerrrrry jerrrry lol. I'm sure I'll soon get sick of it, but for now it's great fun. Although the transvestites who have girlfriends are pretty obvious men. My fave 'episode' was the one the other week when the 19 year old girl told her boyf she had a new fella - and out comes this one-legged 60 year old hehehehe

Medal of Honor

Well I'm playing Medal of Honor on PS2 (I actually got past that impossible beach bit at the start - hooray for me - and none of the rest of the game is actually like that, which is a bit misleading) and it's pretty awesome. But one thing that is bugging me - when I 'sniper' (snipe?) those Nazis and when I shotgun them, they actually don't seem to go down! They act as if they've stubbed their toes. And then I try my 'silent pistol' on them and they drop like a little Nazi fly! Strange game. But a cool one - almost as good as Castle Wolfenstein, but not quite.