Monday, November 26, 2007

Well it worked, then...

I've been loving Cerys Matthews on I'm A Celeb - so sweet and gentle! - and went and bought her last solo album today. So looks like the publicity paid off and she got at least one album sale out of it, lol.
I hope she wins - I know she's had a rough couple of years - and it would do her the world of good - but I think Biggins will triumph!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Heroes officially rocks again (no spoilers)

Ep 9 of Heroes season two, and it's officially awesome again. Haven't re-wound bits of an episode like that for ages. Kristen Bell is great as Elle. I guessed the little twist and I think they should have held off on that for a bit - but ah well.
Oh, and the L Word finale was absolutely wonderful - so romantic. I'm so captivated by Jennifer Beals' character Bette's relationship with deaf Jodi. Such a cool show.


Re the captain America omnibus - you know, Cap America has never been one of my favourite characters, but funnily enough, I've been playing the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game and he's one of my fave characters to play - flinging his shield everywhere. So that's my reason for buying the omnibus! Hopefully it'll be a good read - it's supposed to be.
(P.P.S. ms marvel and spider woman are rubbish in the game)


It's been a rough week - so can I just say - thank God for comics. Powers and Walking Dead out this week, catching up with Astonishing X-Men and Sword, treating myself to the Captain America omnibus. Bliss. Life is good, after all!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Pretty much all of my friends have been asking if i want to check out Beowulf in 3D at the Imax - but there's one snag: I can't see 3D! I have an astigmatism - a rugby-ball-shaped eye, which stops me from seeing things like 3D and magic eye - in fact I only found this out a couple of years ago, so I rue all those wasted days trying to figure out Magic Eye pictures.
Still, weird how so many people want to see this movie!

Cover version

Record industry in running-out-of-ideas shocker!! (Very similar album covers released in subsequent weeks) Do record company people not talk to each other any more?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I did another drawing

Well it's rough, and it's nowhere near final, but this could be the cover to O Men 2.6. Not sure... I have a couple of other ideas in mind, but this is my favourite at the moment. We'll see...

The British Voting Public

No, this isn't about politics (ew), it's about reality TV. Why do the British public always get it wrong? Like, they're voting for Janice Dickinson to do the 'Bushtucker trials' each time on I'm A Celebrity - can't they see past the brash exterior and realise that she's actually a fascinating, entertaining, very funny person. She's too easy a target. Bloody vote for that utter lowlife Lynne Franks, for goodness sake.
At least Janice is gonna do well out of this show, I reckon. Kinda like this year's David Gest - except David Gest just proved to be awful.
It's like on Big Brother - let's vote out the big characters and end up with the boooooring people.
Omg I'm watching Janice do a live Bushtucker trail - it's hilarious! Good old Janice.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Classical Star

One of my favourite tv shows of the year just finished - what a lovely treat. Classical Star - it was so hard to pick a winner. Those kids were so awe-inspiring - made me want to pick up my flute again - I got my grade 4 exam, y'know.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh, and...

Prison Break season 3 is finally picking up - and it's good to see the fans online are into it again. Bellick and T-Bag seem a bit underused though, and I'm not sure how excited I am by the small details of the escape. But Susan B. Anthony is awesome, even though I can't quite forgive her for killing ******. Let's hope she is in the Cherry Hill spin-off.
She's actually a weird character - she's damaged - but how will we ever feel sorry for her, after what she's done. As one of the PB writers says in an upcoming interview, it's quite unique to have a character that is so mental!
Oh, and L Word season 4 continues to rock. I"m loving Jodie, the deaf character, and Papi, the spanish ho, is always great fun. Awesome row episode last week on Living - Jennifer Beals is absolutely superb. She's so vulnerable but it's fascinating to see how she messes up her life constantly.
Jenny has got to go...

Friday, November 9, 2007

My Heroes (no spoilers)

Ah that's better - Heroes has improved vastly. A good twist (I guessed it!) and finally, the characters are doing stuff (Niki is great).
The show still has its problems though. There really are some characters that can GO. please go away mohinder, ya can't act. And Matt Parkman - he just sucks the life out of the show. Get over it with your 'issues' and your 'I love you's'. It's a shame the show didn't have the balls to do something a little more drastic with Molly and Matt in this episode, but still - much, much better.
So next ep is a flashback one - a good idea I guess, and the trailer looks great, but I dunno if it's completely necessary? I'm sure it'll be good though, and is set to show Elle and Adam in a completely different light.
Oh, and did you guys see Tim Kring's apology for season two? lol! I thought it was just me. I was like 'why am I not enjoying Claire's romance?' 'Why am I getting bored of Hiro in the past? Do i have a heart of stone?' But no, Kring hates it too lol.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bad decision

So you have this amazing - AMAZING - cover, and it could well pretty much double your sales for an issue, plus boost the generally flagging magazine market. I mean, I like Kylie, but i'm not the hugest fan in any way, but I still bought the issue.
But what do they do to taht wonderful cover? Bag it and have the actual final cover (on the bag) feature promo for the Q Awards, and pics of jonathan ross and Kylie looking like an old fuddy-duddy. Stuuuupid!!! A head should roll for that decision.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Some quick reviews!
Medal of Honor: Frontline - I finally finished this game today - thank god! I mean, I like a game with a lot to it, but this just went on way too long. It's a good game, but frustrating - like if you die you have to go all the way back to the start of each mission. Allll the way back. And it's frustrating that a huge shotgun blast will 'tickle' your Nazi enemy while a shot from a tiny silencer gun will obliterate them. Also a bit weird that the game starts off totally differently to how it continues - a bizarre and confusing beach landing thing, whereas the rest of the game is first-person-shooter. A good game, but nowhere near as good as Castle Wolfenstein.
Heroes season two: slowly getting better, and a big new storyline promised for next week (out of nowhere). Glad the Oirish people have been left behind now, but Peter's irritating new girlfriend is still around sigh.
Prison Break: This show has become very strange, and I am not sure it's working any more. I hope people are still liking it. One of the problems is the lack of decent characters. Linc and Sucre are just Linc and Sucre - whereas they could so easily exaggerate them a bit and have Linc be this huge brutal thug, and Sucre could be comic relief. Missed opportunities! Still, there's always the spin-off.


Well after vowing to take a few months off from drawing - and not do anything until the new year - I have failed miserably, and couldn't help myself.
I'm maybe a third of the way thru O Men 2.6 which is a killer of an issue. 2.7 is going to turn the entire series on its head. Then I might take a break for the final five-part season two climax issues to focus on...
I absolutely love these guys to pieces, and I cannot help myself from drawing them. So I think the plan with these guys is to release a digest book containing 6 20-page stories (I'm in love with digest books - I love the format of the Scott Pilgrim books and seeing Becky Cloonan's new pirates digest was the final thing to convince me). And that will be it for them, I think - I am just going to do what I need to do with the characters and then leave them to go off and have fun. Six really tightly written, fun stories.
So yeah, I think that's the plan - finally. I've also been thinking about other formats for the whole thing - like making it available to mobiles and ipod - and I really want to do something with the GArfield-type format - 3 panels - but I don't think Spandex is right for that.
So I hope you like the pic - I love it. The guys are: Liberty, Diva, Glitter, Miss Fantastic, Mr Muscle, Butch and I've forgotten the front-guy's name.
Can you guess their secret? lol...