Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I've been watching Oz with Mikey - you know, the old US prison show (Oz, not Mikey). We borrowed the first three seasons off his ex.
It's absolutely amazing. I'm totally hooked. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. We just finished season two last night, which featured a guard getting both of his eyes poked out, a paedo being crucified and an inmate getting each of his limbs broken. I think I had my hands over my eyes for most of it.
This, following a season which has included a couple of inmates having a huge fight and the victor sealing the deal by raping his enemy, plus another bit where a guy poohs on the face of a guy who's made his life a misery.
And you know what, I bet things like this really do happen behind bars!
So I only have the eight episodes of Season Three left to watch now. At the end of it, I don't know if I'll be wanting to see more or if I'll be glad it's finished...

Stan Lee

My workmate, Hels, doesn’t know who Stan Lee is. Is that a big deal? Maybe a lot of normal people don’t know who Stan Lee is. Do you know who Stan Lee is?
Ah well, whatever the case may be, it didn't stop me from spending most of today taking the piss out of her.
Speaking of Stan the Man, my claim to fame is that we had an email back-and-forth once. I got him to write an introduction to one of the magazines I worked on. I don’t think I ever paid him. Oops.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This weekend I bought my first two comics of the year - Powers and Girls. That’s very unusual for me, but I think I am going to try and cut down on comics this year. It’s not really to save money - I get a good discount and I don’t buy that many. The main reason is that I am running out of room in my flat, and it really gets me down when I buy a bag of about 6 comics and then I have to rearrange my flat to fit them all in.
So I’m really paring my buying habits down this year (probably to the above two and Walking Dead). I can’t totally give up - god forbid! - but there are some comics that I think I can safely drop. (Humberto Ramos on X-Men? Ew.)
Mind you, I get to read a lot of comics for free through work, so maybe I’m cheating here.

Blogger of the Year?

I've posted a lot of comments on today, haven't I? Before you start thinking I'm incredibly organised/talented etc, and before you think that I'm sitting here at work doing nothing at all, please note that I wrote all this stuff at home last night while watching Project Catwalk and I'm just pasting it all today. See, I'm not that good.

Coronation Street

Ha ha David Platt has the worst haircut in the world. He looks like Alex Parks. No wonder he got bullied at school.

Battlestar Galactica

I love this show. I have to say I wasn’t all that bothered about it when it first started, and I seemed incapable of following it week in week out on Sky. But somewhere along the line, a whole bunch of friends seemed to be addicted to it and I heard some really cool spoilers, so I decided to give it another chance The final few episodes are simply stunning.
So I managed to snag myself season one for a tenner in a sale, and I’ve been watching it from the start. It’s just awesome - it’s like watching a Bladerunner series. Lucy Lawless is amazing as a Cylon!!!

Deal Part 2

that last post was about Deal or No Deal by the way.


I’m hooked on this show. I’ve been watching it since around March last year - ah, the Lucy days! - and I now tape it every day. Is that sad? Hmm, maybe. I tend to just pop it on when I collapse in my chair after a long day at work, or I have it on while I’m on my little mini-stepper machine, so it’s not as if it’s ‘my life’ or anything. Erm.
Maybe I am going off it a little bit - I don’t seem as desperate to watch it. I mean, it still has its moments. Sometimes when I'm watching it I end up leaping around the room, or punching the air lol.
Maybe it’s the contestants - some of them are a little bit dull at the moment. And Noel needs to calm down a bit sometimes too!
So anyway, Monday's game was Phil, who was like George Galloway with no hair. He dealt at about 15 grand and could have had 55 grand. Oops.

Big Brother

I’ve always been a reality TV fan. I used to love MTV’s Real World (whenever I was able to watch it - which was rarely) and things like Survivor, which are both series I’m amazed never took off in the UK.
So I do like Big Brother, even thought it can be a bit dull at times. I get annoyed with people who turn their nose up at it. I like it, I find it fascinating, and I like to think of myself in the situation the contestants are in. I guess it stems from living with some complete nutters over the past few years.
The only times I don’t like Big Brother is when they go too far in the editing and really manipulate the audience’s feelings against someone. And I always seem to side with the underdog and get upset when they get booed.
So anyway, Celebrity Big Brother just finished last weekend. Last year’s show was astonishing - I’ve never seen such gob-smacking TV. The ‘poor, poor, pour me a drink’ row between Galloway and Barrymore was unbelievably compelling, and this year’s CBB had a lot to live up to.
When the contestants were revealed one by one, it was completely disappointing - and to be honest, I’m getting bored of ‘celebrities’ who aren’t actually celebrities (ie, Danielle Lloyd, Emmerdale actors, etc, etc). I wanted transsexual antiques dealer Lauren Harries to be in there!
So who knew how amazing it would turn out to be. The behaviour of Jade, Jo and Danielle was utterly shocking and I have so much respect for the way Shilpa handled it all.
The one final thing that really annoyed me was that on the live final, people in the audience actually booed Shilpa. Why??? I mean, yes, she can come across a bit superior, but it’s just the way she is - she’s so sweet. So to those twats who booed her (and the twats who chanted ‘Shilpa out’ the previous week) - ner. (I did send a little Shilpa vote, by the way!)
And I just saw this on youtube. Check it out - erk.
You see, those three girls were evil in the house, and I swore that if I ever felt sympathy for them, I’d bear their time in the house in mind. But this… it’s disturbing isn’t it. Makes me want to hug her, poor girl.


It’s strange, but I’m excited about reading this Stephen King book, even though I’ve read it before and was very disappointed!
When this came out in hardback last year, I was shocked on two levels - first, that I had heard that SK was retiring when he finished his Dark Tower series, and secondly, it seemed to be a back-to-basics horror novel - hurrah!
So I managed to get my hands on a review copy at work and read it, and after a cracking start, the novel goes in an unexpected and disappointing direction. I actually found myself flicking ahead 100 pages just to check something was actually going to happen (ie, someone was going to get attacked/brutalised etc).
So all in all, not one of my favourite books, but I bought it in paperback and I absolutely ADORE the cover and I’m hoping to get my teeth a bit more into the characters and the creepiness of the plot, not having to worry about where the big picture is heading.
Of course, I’m not sure if I’ll be that excited when Lisey’s Story comes out in paperback. I just borrowed that one from my library and it almost sent me into a coma.

The O Men

For anyone reading this that doesn’t know - I started The O Men when I was 26 years old and I’m not 30 issues in with around 14 or so to go.
So I’m on Issue 2.3 at the moment (that’s Volume Two, or season two). I’ve got around 8 pages on my computer, ready to be Photoshopped, and I don’t think it should take me too long to do the rest - the art is a bit simpler to do this time round, with the main scene taking place in an empty room.
Of course, the biggest step is deciding on the cover - and I’m still messing around with a few ideas. I know the general direction the cover should go in, but I can’t quite nail it yet. I don’t feel ‘ready’ on an issue until I’ve nailed the cover.
Of course, it didn’t help that I actually saw what my cover should be a couple of days ago - but it was the cover to something else. I was like, ‘that’s it!’ So part of me wants to just copy that...! Maybe I will.
So The O Men is my main thing, but I have other things in the pipeline. I want to put together an O Men animated series proposal (I know what I need to do, I just need to find time to do it), and I want to do a Garfield type strip, but I’m not happy with any of my ideas. I also have a spin-off idea for The O Men, called Spandex, but that will have to wait.
At some point, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of doing something autobiographical - something based on a Depression I experienced a couple of years ago. No, it wouldn’t be as miserable as it sounds - I’d want to show what it’s like to go through what I went through because, seriously, nothing could have prepared me for that. That does sound miserable, doesn’t it?
Mind you, the one thing that freaks me out is how much I reckon I’ve forgotten about the whole thing - the little details. It’s kind of a shame. But then again, maybe it’s for the best.

Here I am

Here I am then, this is my blog. I’ve thought a while about doing one, and finally decided to go ahead. I did think about creating a MySpace or ComicSpace account, but I have a weird feeling about MySpace, mainly stemming from the fact that I don’t really understand it. Who are all these ‘friends’? Why do they all look so good in their photos?
So I set this little Blog thing up. I’m not sure how it will go and if I will maintain it - it doesn’t really help that I haven’t got the interweb at home - but I’ll do my best.
The idea of this Blog is mainly to talk about my comic, The O Men, but I’m sure other things will creep in.
So there you go, and here I am. I’ll pop a few ‘posts’ on the site over the next few hours, just to get the ball rolling.

Friday, January 26, 2007


I lost my password already...


Okay, I just set up a Blog for The O Men...
If you don't hear from me ever again, it's because I've managed to forget all my passwords etc.