Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Strangers

Just got in from seeing The Strangers... (spoilers follow, but to be honest, this isn't the most spoil-y film, really, you just go and see it for the scares)
Not a great deal to it - lots of bumps and bangs... Scott Speedman goes missing in the movie... Liv Tyler's too good for something like this...
But if I was stuck in a house surrounded by people terrorising me, I think I'd just get pissed off and stop being so scared, and I'd prob try and beat the living crap out of them.
One strange thing about this film - if you've read the slightest thing about it or even seen the trailer, there are soooo many spoilers and to be honest, pretty much all the scary bits are actually in the trailer. Even the spoil-y pic above is visible in most mags and websites. Even the tagline - 'why are you doing this to us', 'because you were in' - is in the trailer?!!??!!!!!
Not a bad movie, but not amazing (although I did have my hands in front of my eyes for most of it)
6 out of 10!


Rol said...

I think I liked it a lot more than you. I may explain why later.

Funny thing is, though the biggest scare WAS in the trailer - it didn't stop the whole cinema from jumping and going "shit!" as one. And when you consider the nature of that scare, that's pretty good film-making.

Mart said...

you mean the bit where the mask-guy appears in the background?

if you go to the strangers website, pretty much the whole movie is on there! honestly, they've got film clips of all the scary bits (which was good for me, as i had my eyes closed in the cinema, so i finally got to see them)