Monday, September 8, 2008

Being ill is BORING

Well I've just been signed off work for my second week with this viral infection.
It's so so boring. Honestly, when I'm at work, all I do is yearn to be at home, and now I'm here it's just zzzzzzzzz. Cos I'm not well, I don't feel like reading or drawing or anything!
I'm starting to perk up a bit now, and forced myself to read Wolverine Enemy of the State and Young Avengers 1-6.
I seem to remember YOung Avengers being really popular - I thought it was okay, but not very dynamic. Lovely art. But what about the character names! Wiccan is hardly earth-shattering. Hulkling is the worst name ever! What about Incredible or Smash instead? Or Rage (kill off the other Rage dude, he's crap). And Stature??? OUuuuch!!! Isn't there a better name than that???
But it's good to see some new characters out there, because comics do need to keep inventing strong new characters.

Also been watching season one of Millennium. Hehe it's quite funny - way too grim, and unintentionally gay in places...

Also on my list is the Daredevil Frank Miller/Elektra issues and the Star Wars movies... I will defeat boredom!!!


Rol said...

"Viral infection." Bloody clueless doctors.

How exactly is Millennium gay? It's bloody bleak is what it is.

I love bleak.

Mart said...

i do normally have a prob with useless doctors - one of them almost killed me when i was 11 by writing off a burst appendix as a bug. This time though, my doc has been ace and she pinpointed what it was, even though it shouldn't have been it (because i got vaccinated).

Hehe well in the first Millennium episode, Frank goes to a gay pick-up joint (bushes) and I think generally there's so many male cops in it that you can't help a bit of homo-eroticness creeping in.

Rol said...

But he's a happily married man... at least until the end of season 2!

Mart said...

can we actually use the word 'happy' in relation to Frank Black?

Rol said...

No. You're right. My, erm, 'bad'.