Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mobile phones

I have a hard time with mobiles...
I never really wanted one – the thought of being reach-able at all times chilled me to the bone – but of course you can choose to ignore it if you want. So I’m quite happy with mine and it is useful.
I do have a severe problem with them though – in the way that if you go out with a friend or on a date, I absolutely lose my wrag when the person I’m with is more pre-occupied with their phone than they are with me! And no it’s not because I’m boring, it’s because they’re rude.
And if anyone ever puts me on hold as another call comes thru to them, I will slam my phone down in a rage (well not literally, just, you know, turn it off). This happened with me when I used to phone someone I was dating recently – I was not a happy bunny!!!!!!! How can they even do it anyway? If I’m on my phone and someone beeps through, I just check it afterwards! If I ever do check, I inevitably press the wrong button and accidentally turn the phone off lol.
Anyway – rude, rude, RUDE!

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