Saturday, September 27, 2008


Just caught Heroes season 3 episode 2 on the mighty surfthechannel website…
I’ve read a lot about what happens this season and I’ve discussed it in previous posts, but it’s obviously a lot different when you see the final version (especially when a lot changes between the outlines I read to the final version).
So without too many spoilers, some thoughts:
Claire - woah, do the writers hate her or something? She’s going through some brutal things and I think maybe it’s a bit too much… A bit too violent, might put off some viewers.
Claire and Peter - these two have so much chemistry. Such a shame they’re now related and can’t get it on - what was the point of that???? It’s not as if Claire and Nathan interact much. What a waste.
Mohinder - still can’t act. Embarrassing. Although he still acts Dania Ramirez off the screen.
Ali Larter - she has possibly the most confusing character ever lol! I wish they’d gone in a different direction than what they’ve done, it’s a shame. But we’ll see how it pans out. I was well up for a Crazy Jane-type character, but I don't think it's gonna happen.
Ando and Hiro - back to being good again. Such good chemistry.
Villains scene - soooo glad they included the awesome villains dream sequence at the start of episode two. Niki/Knox/Adam/Maury - so good.
Elle - while some of the new season two characters weren’t so good - and one by one they seem to be getting written out (although it’s such a shame they seem to have given up on Monica and Micah - an episode for them would be so cool) - Elle is just superb, and I think a lot of it is probably down to the talent of Kristen bell.
Sylar - a great character, but maybe less is more? We might be seeing maybe too much of him.
Too much going on - it’s the classic case. A show builds and builds and now it’s hitting the ground running - but maybe there’s too much happening. I’m concerned the show doesn’t have any breathing space. Look at season one’s Company Man - a small-scale episode, featuring a handful of characters, and it worked really well. They need to think about doing more of those sorts of episodes.
The new future-painting guy - Brilliant! Funny so far. The new Hiro maybe?

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