Friday, September 12, 2008

I want my money back

Civil War was okay... The actual series itself was STUPID, but I like the Initiative idea...
But now I've come to realise what everyone who's got a downer on big crossovers has been telling me - Secret Invasion is really bad. I just read Issue 6...and...
In fact, nothing has happened really since that ship of heroes crash-landed in the Savage Land - and boy did that drag on.
I mean, c'mon, look at the 'previously' page of issue 6 - I like the way they show the cast of characters and put the Skrull characters in a green box... but out of 24 characters on teh issue 6 page, how many are in a green box? A grand total of ...2. Wow, Marvel/Bendis, try not to blow my socks off too much... (In fact, that should be 3, but they missed the green box off Captain Marvel, d'oh).
We wanna see big Skrull reveals, not a never-ending sea of boring super skrulls to battle. 'He loves you' shoulda been George Bush, not God! Now there's a revelation!
And as for issue 6 itself - why did the Hood's Syndicate suddenly join the heroes, without any comment? Why are the last 4 pages just boring fight double page spreads? How on earth is Bendis getting away with this?????? What is the point of all these Skrull double-life reveals, if they only go back a few months? would be so much more exciting if they had been there for years. And wouldn't it be interesting if the Skrulls had a huge plan in place - which they've actually been working on for years and years - instead of just a boring old invasion.
I keep expecting my beloved diamondback to get killed at any moment - she's been in every issue, she's expendable, and who knows, maybe she'll be the 'major death' in the series, just like Black Goliath was.... um.
But all in all, how fucking stupid - set yourself up as a huge crossover - and then present a damp squib. Way to go.
Bendis, you might just redeem yourself if you bring back Storm and Alpha Flight (ie, the character-raped Storm that we've known and not loved over the past decade or so, and my darling Canadian superteam who were so cruelly killed off recently). That'd do me.

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