Saturday, September 27, 2008

Escape from Marvel Limbo!

Jocasta and Valkyrie are back!!!!!!!!
Two of the finest examples of great Marvel female characters seem to have escaped Marvel Limbo.
Jocasta is in the new Initiative issue. She doesn't do much except have shiny boobs.
Valkyrie is apparently in the new She-Liberators - or something like that. Ah Val. How I love her. I would marry Valkyrie. She went through so much in New Defenders, helping that moody old Moondragon.
If i was Joe Quesada (What If...?) I would so put Val into the Avengers - but give her a redesign, let her hair down, get rid of the silly metal boobs. They've already done it in the Ultimates, and Avengers really does need a good stand-out female character. I mean look at the sitch if this Avengers movie happens - it's all gonna be blokes - Wasp is a bit too weak, Ms Marvel is too Marvel, She Hulk is too Hulk...
Make Mine Valkyrie haha
(Martin loses his sanity)


Tone said...

Two Valkyrie posts in one day ;-)

The Lady Liberators, arf. They could have just gone with the bra burning Liberators, which Enchantress Val formed back in the 60's.

Looking at that custom jobbie, there was going to be a rather cool proper Valkyrie action figure, but looks like it's been cancelled. Bugger.

You've got a thing about metal boobs aint'cha?

JamieB said...

There's going to be an Avengers movie? That might account for this continued focus on the Avengers in the big summer crossover events...

Mart said...

it seems you are the last to know jamie, hehe