Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well this movie crept up on me unawares. Apparently it's by the creators of Switchblade Romance - one of my all time fave films, so i was excited about seeing it.
Oh dear.
It's just nasty and has got no redeeming features at all. Switchblade is gory, but this one's just ridiculous. I don't want to see someone's Achille's Tendon getting cut off thank you, or someone being hung upside-down by hooks through the feet!
The story follows a group of 'hoodlums' who get mixed up with a Texas Chainsaw Massacre type family and end up fighting for their lives (not very successfully).
Maybe they're trying to repeat the success of Switchblade, but here the heroine is nowhere near as good as the main star of SR, as she just seems to spend most of her time stumbling around as if she's just pooed herself (well she probably has, considering all the violence she's gone through).
Thumbs down, I'm afraid!