Saturday, September 29, 2007

New seasons

Just watched ep 2 of Prison Break season 3 and ep 1 of Heroes season 2.
PB is awesome - just sooo crazy and daft - it's just one silly scrape after another, very intense. Reaaaally unconvincing plot development with Sucre in this one though, hmmm. Oh well. New bad gal Susan B Anthony is superb, as much as I want to hate her, knowing what's coming up.

Heroes Ep 1 - don't worry, no spoilers - well this is a show that can go anywhere at this point, can't it. It felt like more of a prologue episode than anything else. And where was Ali Larter? They still haven't figured out what to do with her yet, have they. I was kinda worried because I heard casting stuff about 'irish gangs' and I just thought 'is that the best they can come up with' - but that seems like a side-story and that there are much deeper issues going on - almost Zenith like (hopefully). Some great stuff from George Takei and the Petrelli mother though - very Dynasty, very Watchmen - and Ando, altho still not really a huge character, is so cool. Huge focus on Mr Bennet - not my favourite actor by any means - but a really good charcter. Was it me or did Claire look a bit....dumpy?!
It feels like I missed a season though - two big things going on, which haven't really been referenced before.
So a bit of a slow start. I'm intrigued to see where this is all gonna go - I hope it's gonna be exciting.
Oh god, and that little brat Molly - she needs to die please. Very very soon. Horrible.

Oh, and finally, funny how the bad guys in PB and Heroes are both called The Company. Would love it if they were the same organisation lol


JamieB said...

I'm still trawling through the first season of Heroes (at "BBC3 pace"); and still not caring for a lot of the characters. Hiro and, yes, Ando, are at the centre of the only material that I find consistently interesting. There was some good stuff last week (BBC3 pace) with Clare and her off-again, on-again bestest-buddy; and a nice turn this week from Christopher Eebygumasheckaslike (though I don't much care for his storyline). I just can't get on with the rest of the cast at all.

As for Ali Larter -- aren't they blonding up the cast some in the second season? Perhaps this is a prelude to edging Larter out.

JamieB said...

Oh, I forgot to ask: have you seen any of the pilots for new shows? Anything worth watching out for?

Mart said...

Ando is cool. bestest bud is on the sarah connor thing now (almost wrote the sarah jane chronicles then).

i've only seen the bionic woman pilot. was okay - katee sackhoff was awesome, but i gather she's not hanging around.

JamieB said...

I'm convinced that the reason that they cast Katie Sackhoff is because she's the only actress in America with shoulders as broad as Michelle Ryan's :)

kelvingreen said...

Ando is my favourite character in Heroes.

You may have missed something. Wasn't there talk of a sort of miniseries being shown before season two proper began, introducing some new characters?

JamieB said...

This "miniseries" wasn't a bunch of "wepisodes" was it? They seem to be becoming a popular way to pump up returning series.

Mart said...

nah, as far as i know, the only extra thing going on is this six-part Origins series. there were rumours it would be happening around now, but it's gonna be next year, in a break in the show or maybe after the finale.
they introduce six new heroes, and if they are popular they'll join the main cast.

Anonymous said...
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JamieB said...

I've just seen an advert for the Sarah Connor Chronicles on Virgin One. I'll have to watch out for that.

kelvingreen said...

Yes, the Origins series is what I was thinking of; it had originally (!) been set for the gap between seasons one and two.