Monday, September 24, 2007

What KT did next

Ha ha, sorry Rol!!
My itunes rampage began today!! with my 100 quid itunes vouchers.
i got:
pj's white chalk - sounds okay, not amazing
jose gonzalez - not blown away yet
kt tunstall - i really wasn't sure about this because i felt it would be really bland - but y'know what? it's actually really good!
and then my workmate russell recommended 'Bats for Lashes' and i popped onto the itunes store and saw the words 'like' 'tori' and 'amos' so bought it immediately. and it sounds awesome!!

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JamieB said...

Coincidentally, today, I had to recommend some CDs to try to a colleague recently arrived from Beijing. Said colleague has no knowledge of Western pop music but a liking for female singers. I went with Kylie and the Dixies Chicks. Partly because that's what they had in the local library, but, still...I am so dated! :)