Friday, September 14, 2007


Well I just bought my lovely copy of Showcase presents Batman and the Outsiders. I think I will really read this one. No, it won't just sit on my shelf. It won't. Although the art is fairly appalling... But there's a lovely little treat, in the shape of a Teen Titans crossover issue, with Perez art.
As always, it's a shame it's not all in colour - surely publishing is getting to the stage where they can make this affordable?
But anyway, it will be nice to learn more about characters such as Black Lightning, Halo and Katana - who DC, as usual, never really explain what they're all about to new readers.
Katana particularly interests me, because I can't really see the point of this character yet, and she seems like a fairly lame superhero.
One thing about her - she's referred to as a 'She-Samurai' at one point. What a fantastic name!!!! She Samurai!!! Call her that, instead of Katana, and she could've been as big as Batman.
Maybe I'll steal the name...

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