Friday, September 14, 2007

Comics for girls

So tonight, my lovely assistant Hannah from work, came along to FP with me. She had no real interst in comics, so I asked her to point out the one comic she would buy. Guess what she chose?
The Black Canary Wedding Planner - ha ha!
So well done, Dan Didio - perhaps your company isn't going down the drain after all...


Andrew James said...

There were several good things about that comic:

• No female character died or was raped in the name of plot progression, or to 'round out' a male character (that this indignity was foisted on Black Canary years earlier is not the fault of the editor or creators here).

• It was quite fun, and quite funny.

• It gave the wonderful Christine Norrie both work and money. Hot damn but more Hopeless Savages would be good right about now. *sigh*

Bad things included the absolutely bizarre art in the lingerie section.

For a tangential tie-in it was inoffensive without being bland, which is pretty much the best you can hope for in this kind of situation. :-P

Mart said...

black canary is so boring. kill her on the honeymoon!!
and what a shit power. doesn't she deafen the rest of the jla in combat?

Mart said...

hmm, andrew i read the Wedding Special issue - and it was really good! lovely art.
But we were talking about the Wedding Planner weren't we.