Friday, September 7, 2007

Sad news

ha ha not really sad news. But apparently Showcase presents Suicide Squad has been shelved. It's a shame, I was looking forward to this - even though I borrowed all the issues off my friend Marcus, and thought it was crap on a re-read. But Enchantress was so much better than she is in Shadowpact, Luke McDonnel's art is so cool, and the Bronze Tiger is one of my fave characters.
In the meantime, I will have to enjoy Showcase Presents Batman and the Outsiders - which I actually might read, rather than put on my shelf gathering dust.
Oh, and I have decided to try and track down the run of Justice League Detroit - I have a few issues - including the finale of the run (awesome) - but I have decided to check it all out - hey, it's got Zatanna in it! And Luke McDonnel art!!!


JamieB said...
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JamieB said...

That is a shame about the Squad showcase

I have fond recollections of Alan Davis's art in later issues of Batman and the Outsiders, but the only attraction of the early issues that I can recall is that there were part of DC's gorgeous 'deluxe' series of comics, back in the day when most comics where still printed on bog paper.

The Detroit JLA was bad, bad, bad -- whatever the credentials of the creative team, or their original intent, the actual comic played like middle-class white boys trying to be 'street'. Most everything about it was off.

Mart said...

i just have this 'urge' to get Outisders. Halo and Looker seem like classic characters who i've never got to know.

Hehe JLD is probably shit. but i'll still buy it. and then prob never read it.

Rol Hirst said...

I'm very disappointed about the cancellation of the SS volume - it was the first Showcase I've been interested in.

However, how safe is the BATO volume? I read somewhere that DC are having a problem securing the rights to reprinting 80's material in Showcase format because their royalties system in the 80's was different, and they'd probably end up having to pay out too much to the original creators...

Hence the SS cancellation.

Which would also suggest BATO might follow suit, unless they can sort the issue out.

Mart said...

DC have announced some more intersting Showcase titles of late haven't they. I'm deffo more interested in the 80s stuff.

maybe BATO is going ahead cos it's all printed up and ready. perhaps they had time to call off printing SS.