Monday, September 24, 2007

Sob stories

I love the X-Factor, but surely there must be some big changes this year. Last year's show was pretty abysmal, I think. I blame Sharon! She encourages all the sob strories and all the crying - I bet she thinks it's a good tactic - but c'mon, what happened to these people enjoying the music?
And these sob stories are ridiculous! "i'm auditioning becuase I had a burst appendix" (*I* had a burst appendix when I was 11 - but it didn't make me audition for the X-FActor!), and so on and so on.
Can't really see any clear finalists yet - maybe the young blonde girl with the operatic voice, maybe the waif-like scottish lad - pleeeease not the army guy - we really don't need another Robson and Jerome.

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