Saturday, September 8, 2007

Keira Shitely

I don't know why, but i have this irrational hatred of Keira knightley. It's very strange, especially because I didn't mind her in bend it like beckham. but now i just find her annoying, and i also can't stand her 'no, press people, don't take photos of me on the red carpet with my bones showing, cos then i'll have to whinge on about how the press invade my privacy and how i'm not anorexic' routine.
and now she's sunk to new lows with a dreadful looking new film, atonement, in which her accent sinks to new posh lows.
worse still, this movie seems oscar bound, so there will literally be no escape from this wretched girl.
in fact, i may stay up on oscar night next year. the last time i did that was the return of the king year (which i thoroughly enjoyed) so i might stay up to make sure she doesn't win!!!

good lord have you ever read such a frenzied attack on someone lol


Steve said...

I know what you mean. There's something a little too polished about her. Too superior. It's bizarre, I can see that she ticks a lot of boxes in the beauty stakes but personally I think there's something totally asexual and soulless about her. She's totally without passion though full of neuroses. Give me Kirstie Allsop any day.

Mart said...

and why is keira knightly always so young. she's been 21 for 10 years.