Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Does anyone really care about...

Black Canary?
they should kill her off at the wedding and create a historic moment!
(Sorry Jamie)


JamieB said...

But killing off female superheroes is so over done (mentioning no comics in particular --cough-- O Men 2.2 --\cough--) :) The problem here, seems to me, is that too few writers can write female superheroes well (or even try to). So said female superheroes seldom get the chance to shine.

So there :)

Mart said...

lol i had to rack my brains then to remember who died in 2.2!!

Black Canary hasn't shone for the past 30 years, so i dunno how she's supposed to shine now.

and what was all that wedding special stuff all about - the stuff that happened on the wedding night. it's hardly gonna pan out considering they have their own series soon

JamieB said...

Erm... "Black Canary" and "Green Arrow" have their own series soon. "Oliver Queen" doesn't necessarily figure... :)

(BTW: according to the writer of the wedding special, the plan, right up until the last moment, was to kill Black Canary, but then the DC types saw sense and offed the goateed-one instead)


Mart said...

so how can he be in this new series?